March 29, 2016

Burglar breaks into wrong house


There’s even a warning sign for him: “We Don’t dial 911”. He shoulda paid attention.

March 28, 2016

Syracuse Orangemen make Final Four and could win it all!

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This article says the Orangemen have a real chance to win the NCAA Tournament. They sure beat VA!

March 22, 2016



A teacher wrote this on Facebook and the a former school board ass-fucker turned Black Lives Matter activist called him racist and wants him fired. As you’ll see, the racist is the school board ass-fucker Rashad turner. The post: “Anyone care to explain to me the school-to-prison pipeline my colleagues and I have somehow created, or perpetuated, or not done enough to interrupt? Because if you can’t prove it, the campaigns you’ve waged to deconstruct adult authority in my building by enabling student misconduct, you seriously owe us real teachers an apology. Actually, an apology won’t cut it.”

Time to call BLM the racists and butt-licking shit eaters they are.

The link:

March 16, 2016

Super Tuesday III – Trump and Clinton prevail

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And the day afterwards, President Obama nominated his choice to replace Antonin Scalia on the SCOTUS. Merrick somebody or other.

Kasich carried Ohio which was needed for a contested convention. If Cruz can suck enough delegates away from Trump, this may prove inevitable. Rubio finally met his fate in Florida where Trump smoked him. He has suspended his campaign and will save the money for another four years.

Mrs. Clinton has, for all intents and purposes, won the nom for the Dems. Bernie is all but done.

the only real questions left are who are the VEEP candidates?

March 9, 2016

RIP: George Martin

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Beatles producer and famed “fifth Beatle” George Martin has died. RIP Mr. Golden Ears.

March 4, 2016

March 3, 2016, perhaps the most interesting day in politics ever

First, we had Mitt “the Glove” Romney come out of the blue or from under whatever rock he has been hiding under for the last four years and give a speech that lambasted the republican front runner Donald Trump. And what a speech it was! He calls Trump, who was a big-time Romney backer four years ago, a fraud, a phony and a failed business man. Call him what you want, but I really don’t think Trump is an idiot or a failed businessman. Romney, actually advocated a contested convention by suggesting voters vote for Rubio in FL and Kasich in OH, should STFU and go back under his rock. Deep under. He did more damage to the party of Lincoln and Reagan in that speech than Trump has done in the entire campaign. Don’t they realize how horrific they come across? How stupid and petulant they sound? He is a failed candidate and the principal architect of Obamacare and no one really cares what he has to say anymore since he is no longer relevant. I was surprised he got so much press, but it was planned that way and I don’t think it really worked.

Then, the debate. Just wow. The thing devolved quickly into a shouting match and a “whose got the bigger dick” contest. I have concluded, after watching the debate and reading the reviews of it today, that John Kasich has the biggest schlong on that stage by a goodly margin. His balls must dwarf those of Ted “Don’t Call me Tom” Cruz and Marco “The Little Bot” Rubio. Kasich did not engage in silly personal attacks. He did not insult his opponents or make snide personal comments. He didn’t talk over the other debaters or the moderators. He was respectful and intelligent and offers real hope and good ideas. Kasich comes to the dance with nearly impeccable credentials. He doesn’t shout. He has real Head of State experience and serious cred in the national arena. He doesn’t act like a third grader who just got his favorite toy taken away by his diapered arch-rival in the sand box.

John Kasich would smoke Hilleroid Clinton in the general election in my opinion.

John Kasich is now my guy. Which puts me in the company of strange bedfellows since for Kasich to get the nod, he has to see a contested convention at this stage. Maybe Romney should give a few more speeches before returning to his very expensive hidey hole.

PS: Megyn Kelly is a goddess.