October 31, 2008



I am sitting here in the basement bar waiting for the little bastards to get the hell out of the neighborhood… We don’t have children in this neighborhood so we get imports. Moms and dads bring them in the car and they collect their sugary, dentist employing loot. If we had kids living close to us Halloween might be fun. However, tonight, I have all the lights off and hope to avoid any contact with the little candy grabbing rodents. Stay in your own neighborhoods!

Maybe it’s just that I gave up on Halloween back in 1967 when I won first place in a costume contest. The town was San Clemente, California and I was seven years old. I dressed as a Marine. I had all the official equipment and my dad’s old fatigues which my mother painstakingly cut down and tailored them to my seven year old frame. After that victory anything else would be a step down so I guess I just quit while I was on top. I wish some of these athletes would do the same instead of continuing until they’re eligible for AARP.

Anyway, I have the music cranked up real loud down here and it’s great. If someone does knock I won’t know it. Right now (2048hrs) I am listening to XTC “Black Sea” from 1980. The album did not age badly at all and sounds fresh and vibrant. It’s quite surprising as most of the music from 1980 blows chunks and sounds dated. “Optimisms Flame” is playing right now and it really brings me back to those days. I was twenty when this came out. Damn! 20. Now I sit in my own home listening to my old but pristine copy of Black Sea and it just doesn’t seem all that long ago. Sure, it’s been twenty eight, almost twenty nine years, but I don’t feel mentally old… I hope that continues. Feste was over here last week and he brought some old XTC vinyl and it got me syked up to break out and fire up my XTC.

The song just changed and now I am listening to “Sergeant Rock” on side two. Yet another great song on this highly-praised slab of vinyl. If you all don’t know much about XTC, “Black Sea” would be a great record to introduce yourself to this unique band from one of the most interesting music eras in the last 30 or 40 years. If interested let me know and I could burn you a copy right off my vinyl. I‘m sure XTC would rather have you hear it for free that not hear it at all… If that makes any sense… Plus, from vinyl, it’ll sound better than the factory CD.

Tomorrow M and I are heading to a friends house to celebrate five couples anniversaries which all happen within four or five weeks of each other. It’s not going to be some lame Champaign bull; it’s an Oktoberfest (in November) which should be a lot of fun. It’ll be a break on the old diet but I’ll muddle through. That is about all for now because my cat Satchmo is head-butting me in the arm trying to get some attention (read: cat treats). I will probably give him one or two after he vacuums the basement and waxes my car… I wish.

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For those who like tattoos…these are unreal


Though they are cool, I’m not sure that I would want some of these on my body forever and ever amen. Like Yarbz…I did my time in the USMC and saw MANY different tattoos. I have one myself though it’s pretty generic and I was drunk and I wouldn’t have it now if I knew then what I know now…….

One of the strangest/funniest/wouldn’t put that on my body for a million dollars tattoo I saw was a marine at Camp Pendleton who had one from his back to his chest. I had a pic…lost it but I’ll describe (I’ll never do it justice). The art work was 1st class. Very detailed and shaded done in basic green/black. Starting at his belly was a chain running up his chest and over his shoulder. 3 marines in combat gear where holding on to the chain and leaning forward as if pulling on the chain. The chain went down his back to the crack of his ass from which 3 sailors where being pulled out of. 😯

Anyway…I thought the tats in the link where pretty amazing artwork.

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Today is Halloween, 2008. I have nothing scary to share but here are two photos, one from today and one from yesterday:

Today I decided to put on the older of the SCIC pins that I have. This was bought at the same tag/garage sale where the other one was found. The lady’s hubby had worked for SCIC all his like and has passed away. She was selling the house and the stuff. This one is, I believe, the first use of the Umbrella for SCIC. The ribs of the umbrella with the “T” date back to the late 1950’s. As you saw in the picture earlier this week, the next logo dropped the ribs and kept the “T”. The umbrella also became symmetrical in the second logo. This first one looks as though it was been in a wind storm and got misshapen. It’s fun to have these old pins.

This was shot from the hip leaving the bus on Thursday morning at 0645hrs. The lady in front is one of the riders on my bus. She is a total curmudgeon. She is very unhappy about everything and no matter what anyone says to her she always says the opposite. If you tell her it is a nice day, she will tell you it is not and give you some personal insight into why. We all just quit talking to her. Of course we get on the bus at 0630 in the morning so I guess being a little grumpy is acceptable. However, she’s like this even on the ride home at 1600 (She is the reason I added the BSFF category to this post). I have always liked long exposure blur shots. This type of image tends to pass on more of the actual ambiance of the scene that a flashed or tripod photograph.

October 30, 2008

Juggs Pumpkin Carving Contest


😈 Happy Halloween!!! Here are a couple pumpkins I just carved tonight. 👿

Poll: 23 Percent of Texans Believe Obama Is a Muslim


A University of Texas survey finds that 23 percent of registered voters in the state still believe Barack Obama is a Muslim, though the Democratic nominee for president is Christian.


Ever Wonder


Where Cresent Rolls Come From?

Praying For the Economy to Rebound


Oh, the irony!



Week in Review

CATAGORIES: WEEK IN REVIEW — FloridaBill @ 8:00 am

File under Week 43 of 2008.

I got a kick out of this picture that I thought looked like Sen. Obama blowing smoke. He does that so well. I know cause I watched his informercial last night. Billy Mays would have been proud.
Obama blowing smoke…

I thought this was clever: What Would Jesus Brew?

Congratulations to the Phillies who, after completing the longest game in World Series History, won the Championship last night.

Fish Dicks and Fucktards (I am not certain if there is any difference) of the Week:
Kyle Zaricor. An infant! How could he?
This 14 year old boy in Columbia, SC who killed his preganant mother and shot his sister.
Paul Schlesselman, 18, of Helena-West Helena, Ark., and Daniel Cowart, 20, of Bells, Tenn who planned to go on a rampage concluding with the assassination of Sen. Obama. WTF kinda place is Helena-West Helena Arkansas any way?
The LA Times. Why would they conceal this video? Why would they accept it and promise never to display it? Very curious me thinks.
William Balfour, the repeat felon who may have murdered Jennifer Hudson’s Mom, sister and nephew (his own step-son).
Drew Peterson. It’s been a year Drew; give it up. I am way tired of him.
Nicholas Browning, who shot and killed his entire family. Then he went to a sleepover at a friend’s house and played video games. Nice.
Alaska Senator, Ted Stevens, who was convicted this week of corruption charges. Also nice. You gotta quit Ted.

All tied up and indifferent

Well the woman in that picture must not have read the news this week about new home sales and the price of gasoline. I paid less than $40 to fill the Jimmy this week. Let’s hope prices stay low.

This had to be the best headline of the week: The Stink in Farts Controls Blood Pressure. Who knew?

RIP to Levi Stubbs who died last week. I actually met him (and the other three Tops) after a concert in Hartford years ago behind some auditorium near the State House. I was one of the few white folks at the concert. Women threw themselves and their undergarments at this man. It was like being at a Beatles concert or something. RIP Levi.

At least Levi didn’t go out this way:

Note the clever headline: Ferrari in Pole Position.

With the Presidential elections (among others) on Tuesday next week, don’t forget to vote. Please remember Joe the Plumber when you cast your ballot and also remember to roll the clocks back this weekend. Happy Halloween!

Enjoy your freedoms and happy healthy weekends to all.

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