May 16, 2008

W.I.R (part deux)

I don’t know how F.B. managed to miss this one!

Man Tries to Ditch Cheating Wife on eBay

The Internet has provided many ways for shaming those who have wronged you, and we thought we’d seen them all. That is, until Paul Osborn decided to auction off his “adulterous, lying, cheating, bitch, whore” of a wife on eBay…

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Week in Review

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I thought this was a great pic:

This one too:

We started the week with an earthquake in China and more tornadic activity in the US. Just like last week in Myanmar, the death toll in China went up every day. Some of the pictures are horrifying. I think Mother Nature is trying to kill Algore, but just can’t find him.

We got a good headline with a great quote from Sergio Garcia after winning the Players Championship.

How many of these wacky festivals would you want to attend? I want to go to the Redneck games!

Here is this weeks “Everybody Panic” headline. There are 30,000 giant pythons loose in the swamps of Florida and they are coming to get you. Really. This headline about an embryonic twin creeped me out. Here is a headline about beer that is a sure sign the economy is in recession. Folks, life is too short to drink crappy beer.

This was impressive:

This guy could change the whole world of business and personal travel.

The list of Fucktards this Week:

Jocelyn Kirsch and Edward Anderton, pictured above. May they rot.
Latangia Anderson, 23, Johnny Brown, 20, and Paris Moore, 19, all of Cleveland who participated in beating a man to death, stripping him naked and then urinating on his head. What a swell bunch of fellas.
These two un-named asshats who dug up a corpse and used the skull as a bong. Use a potato or a beer can or aluminum foil you idiots.
Jean Pierre Orlewicz, only 18 and going away for life for his little “thrill kill”. Buh Bye fucktard. Take some duct tape for your bunghole.
Speaking of Bungholes, Todd B. Barkau, 35, and the victim’s 44-year-old mother are clearly Fucktards for training a 12 year old to be a dominatrix. How could they?
Larnell Mace of Zion, IL who beat his 4 month old daughter to death. I don’t care how bad his upbringing was, his daughter now doesn’t get one. He should be beaten to death by Anderson, Brown & Moore from Cleveland and then get pissed on by anyone who is offended by his horrific actions.
This yet to be named Austrian ax murderer is clearly a Fucktard.
Brian Crowder who apparently likes setting the state of Florida on fire, is an arsonist and a fucktard. Nice mug shot dipshit.

Happy healthy weekends to all.