September 24, 2011


OK JuggHeads… I renewed for two years. We’re now going to be an good place to post political stuff for the upcoming election. No limits on topics or tone. However, I still want people to refrain form personal attacks on JuggHeads. Anyone else is subject to ridicule and offensive remarks, especially if that person is stupid and arrogant and running for office based on more taxes and is afraid to cut spending.

Here is a list of things which will get your post or comments deleted or at least unilaterally edited by the BlogLord:

1) Racist comments
2) Porn or NSFW content (according to the BlogLord’s definition…We need to keep Safe For Work as many folks post from work)
3) Personal attack on fellow JuggHeads
4) Anonymous comments by Post Authorized members or general public (your email had better be real and replied to when the BlogLord tests it).
5) Topics and content which are likely to get us scrutinized by governmental officials like the secret service. If they come knocking on my door, I’ll spill my guts to them about who posted what, where you live, your nasty habits, sexual preference, IQ, bust size, dangler size, eye color and whether you drive a politically correct car… 😉

Help us attract some new members of incredible brain power or talent. Refer them to me. I’d like to get about 20 regular posting members and continue to have a bunch of occasional posting members.

Give me your thoughts and ideas!