August 19, 2014

Great Speech Coach!

It has been a while, eh?

I am re-employed now at another small cubicle company that does insurance and has its home office in Pennsylvannia, but not in Pittsburgh.

I read this Little League Coach’s speech to his team after losing. Pretty impressive. Right? Pretty impressive indeed.

This is what youth sports should be all about.

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March 1, 2011



Break out the beer! I’m so excited!!!

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January 6, 2011


I shall be in Birmingham Alabama for a meeting on February 18, 2011. That meeting will be on South Bridge Parkway so I may stay in that area or maybe someplace where there is stuff around. I will likely add some additional time to the trip and snoop around with my camera and my thirst. I also usually hit thrift stores and yard sales, though I assume the latter is out of season. Dates may be February 17th, 19th and 20th? I won’t know the precise dates until late January or early February. Can anyone recommend some unique places to see, to eat, to goof off and/or does anyone want to join me for same?

December 1, 2010


These images were all taken with the HTC EVO 4G with the Vignette camera app. It makes the camera phone more fun to use… I was just experimenting and thought I’d share…

Mariann at the bar last night is some filter mode I forgot…

My workspace in Diana mode 16×9…

Some of the crap on my cube wall at SCIC…

Twenty minutes after taking a picture of Crevice Kitty, I am at the last light before arriving at work… This is one of the oversaturated filters…

Mariann this morning sleeping with Crevice Kitty tucked right into her legs… Crevice Kitty is otherwise known as Ella and she loves getting into warm crevices…

Mariann in the mirror at the bar with baby eating dinosaur…

Tin ceiling with lights and you can also see where the two taps are located. I recently added the second tap and it is nice to have two different brews available!

Bar with tap heads in wall…

Bar area in faded print…

Mariann at the bar with chalkboard filter…

June 24, 2010


This was on our home page this morning. I think it’s a very nice thing to do. Only the names have been changes to protect their identitiy and certain peoples employment…

A Message from [Leader of SCIC]

I have been a part of this wonderful organization since 1992, and over these almost 20 years, I have become convinced that there is something very special – even extraordinary – about the SCIC family. If it’s possible for an organization to have a spirit, I believe we do. It is carried in the hearts of more than 30,000 employees who feel an unusual connection, an attachment almost, to the organization. It is extraordinary, and it is one of the elements that make working here so very exceptional.

I’m sorry to share with all of you the sad news that one of our own has lost one of her own in service to our country. We learned that Ben Osborn, the son of Beverly Osborn of our Glens Falls, New York office, was killed in service in Afghanistan. Ben’s funeral service will be held later today. I know that all of you will feel deeply for the entire Osborn family as they mourn the loss of their son.

I recognize that there may be other members of employees’ families who have served and been lost. If you have lost a family member in active service, please send me a comment through this link, and we will post the names of others who have died serving our country so that we can recognize them all.

I also want to embrace a tradition that began during World War I but that carried throughout the wars of the 20th century. Flags were displayed from homes, businesses, schools and churches to indicate, through the use of a blue star on the flag, each active service member in the U.S. military. If a family received notification that their loved one had been lost, the star was changed to a gold star.

For the next year, our company stationery will be printed with a small star at the bottom of the page. The star will have no explanation, but it won’t need one. We will all understand that it is a silent recognition of Ben’s and others’ remarkable service, and it will serve as a daily reminder to all of us – about the service of all young men and women who stand in harm’s way every day.

My wife, [Leader-in-law], and I extend our sincere condolences to the entire Osborn family and to other families who have lost loved ones in the service of our country, and we hope that the wonderful memories of these sons and daughters will warm their hearts.

June 4, 2010


I have recently stated playing tennis again after a 17 year hiatus. It feels good and I am hitting pretty well. I used to be a very solid advanced player. The workouts I am getting are significant better than my jogging, gyms visits and anything else I have been doing lately.

Last night however, I was playing a game in the Small Cubicle Insurance Company Softball League and I may have fractured my 4th metacarpal at or near where it meets the carpals… I hope it is not fractured and just jammed or sprained etc.

I had planned on living tennis this summer… Maybe it’ll still be that way, we’ll see.

===== UPDATE =====

I saw the doctor and after examining the hand felt it was necessary to take x-rays. The end result is that there is no fracture. He said that this is an irritation due to an extra bone in my hand that was irritated and inflamed due to the trauma of hitting the ball during the softball game. It’s called “carpal bose” <-- French... The internet has is as 'boss' but that is incorrect. He is the info on it:

The carpal boss: an overview of radiographic evaluation.
W F Conway, J M Destouet, L A Gilula, H W Bellinghausen and P M Weeks
The carpal boss, an unmovable bony protuberance, is located on the dorsum of the wrist at the base of the second and third metacarpals adjacent to the capitate and trapezoid bones. This bony prominence may represent degenerative osteophyte formation and/or the presence of an os styloideum, an accessory ossification center that occurs during embryonic development. When this condition is symptomatic, patients present with complaints of pain and limitation of motion of the affected hand. The symptoms of carpal boss may result from an overlying ganglion or bursitis, an exterior tendon slipping over this bony prominence, or from osteoarthritic changes at this site. Radiographically, the view that best profiles the separate os styloideum is a lateral view utilizing 30 degrees of supination and ulnar deviation of the wrist. Once a diagnosis has been made, treatment can range from the use of nonsteroidal antiinflammatory medication and limited use of the wrist to surgical excision of the anatomic abnormality.

It will take some time to heal and then he suggests not batting as that can bring it on again and if it gets bad enough it will require surgery to remove…

April 14, 2010


This post card image is kinda small but I found the information on the back to be interesting and sad. Sad because Hartford is now nothing compared to what it was. That’s what Hartford and Connecticut deserve given the poor management and anti-business policies and tax rates in the city and state. The politicians of Hartford rival any and all crappy corrupt politicians in any city in any state.

While were on the subject, why don’t politicians have to pass tests like claims handlers have to? We’re required to take CE (Continuing Education) with classes dealing with the technical issues we deal with as well as ethics. Before we can get our adjusters license we have to take a State administered test showing we have a solid understanding of the applicable laws and ethical standards. Politicians should be required to do the same, ethics in particular! Everyone running for office should have to show a solid understanding of business principles. Can you imagine the uproar and screams of protest from the often stupid, ignorant, uneducated blithering idiots running our cities towns and states? We must make this happen. Government is business, if you know nothing about how to run a business you are out!

Anyway, here is the postcard and the info that was on the back:

“Hartford, Capitol of the State of Connecticut, is an important commercial and manufacturing city, called the insurance city because forty-six nationally known Insurance Companies maintain home offices in Hartford. The Travelers Tower, 527 feet in height, is the tallest in New England while the Aetna Life Insurance Company is housed in the largest Colonial structure in the world. The State Capitol is a beautiful building erected in 1877 at a cost of over $3,000,000. The city has many parks including Elizabeth Park, scene of an annual Rose festival in June.”


I love this stuff!

April 9, 2010


This is a very old ad for Travelers Insurance Company published in “Harper’s Weekly” October 1888 that I saw on ebay for $36… Interesting:

Click to enlarge:

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