January 10, 2017

Congrats to Clemson on National Championship!

The last 7 National Champions before last night:

Bama (4)
Ohio St

Clemson beat them ALL this season.

Clemson is the only team to beat Bama in 27 games. A rematch of last years game with the team ranked number two winning both games. Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant’s record safe (for now). It was a great game (just like last year). We didn’t lose, we got beat. Lane Kiffin wouldn’t have made any difference. Dabo is still a stupid name (even if he did play for Bama).

Roll Tide Roll.

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November 14, 2016

Roll Tide – Why Alabama is so good.

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Apparently one of the reasons Alabama will stay at the top of the polls is that they never have to play Alabama. They are alone in that regard. Here is a great story about true freshman QB Jalen Hurt (with a lot of stuff about Auburn too).

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July 10, 2015

We lost another great one. RIP Snake.


Kenny “The Snake” Stabler passed away. He was not only an NFL legend from his days as the Raiders quaterback, but from the University of Alabama as well where he also did color commentary on games. RIP Snake.

December 8, 2014

Greatest Fan Bases in College Football

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I don’t think there is any arguing with who #1 is…Now, we get to see if the Big Ten can play against the SEC. The Florida State/Oregon game should be a good one as well. I do not feel bad for TCU or Baylor not getting in the playoff as I really don’t think they belonged. Bet they have a confernece championship by this time next year in the Big 12 and will need to add a couple of schools.

November 14, 2014

Roll Tide Roll

CATAGORIES: ROLL TIDE,SPORTS — FloridaBill @ 6:36 pm

I think I am the only one who comes here anymore, but I thought this was an interesting list and I certainly agreed with the number one destination.
Tomorrow, #5 ranked Crimson Tide is a ten point favorite over number one ranked Mississippi State. Go figure. If history repeats, the Tide should win, but Miss State has a couple of Heisman candidates that could “Manziel” the Tide if they are not careful. We did have a very tough game at LSU last Saturday night and have been known to suffer from a disease called “LSU Hangover”. However, I have faith in Saban and they play in T-town, so all should be well. If we can beat Miss State, we’ve got Western Carolina and then Auburn and then the playoffs!

Roll Tide Roll.

January 3, 2014

I am done with football

CATAGORIES: I hate it when this happens,ROLL TIDE,SPORTS — FloridaBill @ 3:02 pm

So, Bama loses two in a row for the first time since 2008 and gives up more points in the 2013 (or 2014??) Sugar Bowl than they have since the 90’s. OMG. What happened? The Sooners had our number and outplayed us big time. BIG TIME. Frankly, I would be much more heartbroken if that had been the National Championship game, but as a silly also-ran bowl game, who cares? I didn’t even stay up to watch the entire game.

The woman in this video clearly had too much Sooner Speak. Wow. Highly inappropriate.

The BCS title game is Monday night and I say: “Eagle, eagle, war damn eagle, kick ’em in the butt big blue!” I hope they scalp the ‘Noles, but I just don’t care that much.

Last Sunday, the Bears dropped out of the playoff hunt by dropping the last game of the year to Green Bay. They had it won with the Packers down and fourth and long and they let Aaron Rogers throw a TD pass; game over, season over, re-sign Cutler for a gazillion dollars. The Pack will meet the SF 49ers in what may prove to be the coldest game ever played this weekend. May they all suffer frostbite.

I think I watched more football this year than any other. That is probably about 60 or 70 hours of my life that I just can’t get back, maybe more. I think I may be done with football after the BCS and the SuperBowl. At least until next season.

November 13, 2013

7 Management Lessons from Nick Saban

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Great article. on Nick Saban’s influence on management.

November 1, 2013


Some crazed Pittsburgh teacher who passes out in class after imbibing heroin gives a “Roll Tide” when being hauled away. WTF?

October 11, 2013

Video: Hating Alabama

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Hating Alabama.

Can you say dynasty?

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