November 13, 2013

JuggFest MidWest 2013 about to be underway…

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Yarbz arrives Friday evening and we have all day Saturday to celebrate (and watch Bama play Mississippi State at Starkville, 5:45 CST, ESPN). I figured we might want to hang at Sal’s on Saturday? Would love to get Buddha and others involved…

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September 27, 2013

Trench saves Juggernuts, etc.


Trench has stepped to the plate again and saved Juggernuts from extinction. Thanks man. It has been a good ten years. The actual tenth anniversary of the birth of the Nut is 9-30-13, Monday, and I look forward to ten more. John Kerry hasn’t aged a day! Now, let’s get some more good content flowing!

Also, I got a call from my old friend Trogg last night. He had a heart attack last Thursday night/Friday morning. He is out of the hospital, OK and doing fine, but please send some love and happy thoughts his way. He mentioned that he got he nether region shaved and that reminded me to post this link. I hope to get down to see him soon and may see if we can hit an Alabama game together. He claims to have lost a lot of weight and has, as of Friday morning, quit smoking.

Finally, looks like Yarbz may be headed to the MidWest for a Juggfest in mid-November. Get your drinking boots ready. 🙄

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September 28, 2012

Roll Tide (Mississippi @ Alabama 9-29-12)


Derfie and I are going to the game. I think we are in for a treat!
Fishin with Ttrogg today then gathering at his house later.
Sorry if there isn’t enough time to see everyone.
Hope to post pics from the stadium in a day or so…

July 3, 2012

“Mini” JuggFest with the Derf family


Derfie and his wife and daughter stopped by for a couple hours last Saturday. It sure was nice to see them and nice they could take the time to visit.

February 25, 2011

JuggFest South IV

What a great time I had last Saturday night. The hospitality of Trogg and his family is truly extraordinary. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. I am always blown away by how hospitable you folks can be. The food was fantastic, but you just can’t beat the company.

I loved seeing old friends and introducing Yarbz to that part of my life. Three old friends came to the party that I have not seen in a very long time (25 years?), in addition to the ones I only see sporadically when I visit. Yarbz has promised pics soon.

I got an e-mail from Yarbz earlier this week that read “Those people know how to party”. Yes, they do. They really do.

Yarbz & I also managed to get some authentic Southern food (at least breakfast @ Fife’s and BarBQue) and even fit in a trip to Tuscaloosa Saturday morning. We went out for Chinese Buffet on Sunday morning which was exactly what my head and my belly needed after a night of heavy partying. I think Trogg and I finally called it a night at about 2:30 am Sunday morning.

I can’t wait for JuggFest South V.

March 21, 2010



October 18, 2009

Some pics from visiting fb and saluki

Here are a few from our time with FB and Saluki… There are more coming…

IMG_2983 mouse on wiper 1024
A mouse suddenly appeared on our windshield which we beleive fell from a highway bridge. At 70 mph is became airborn and likley found another windshield… We didn’t notice this thing until we were on I-55…

IMG_0827 dog w gb in mouth 1024
The other dog with a golf ball in his mouth that he had just pulled from the stream behind FB’s house…

IMG_0825 bailey at river 1024
FB’s new dog Bailey…

IMG_0813 fb w dogs river 1024
FB con perros

September 28, 2009

Weekend with Sal

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What a weekend Sal Uki and I had!

Friday, I took the day off and we loaded up the van and headed to Carbondale. We had a great adventure and amazing timing the entire weekend.

We made it just in time for our tee time at Kokopelli Golf Club in Marion, IL. The sun came out as we stood on the first tee and we had been in dicey weather for most of the ride downstate. We both played pretty well and that place is magnificent.

After golf, we checked into our hotel and got cleaned up for the fund raising basketball kick-off party at Stadium Grille. We arrived just in time for the festivities where the coach introduced the entire SIUC basketball team and for $20 it was great food and all the beer you could want. They were also raffling off several items and Sal won the first item that was raffled, a maroon colored La-Z-Boy recliner. Here is a pic of Sal and the Saluki Basketball coach, Chris Lowery, who drew his name:

sal-and-lazy-boy-1024x768 2

While the thing looks great in Sal’s underground sports museum/man cave (USMMC), I was the first person to ever recline in the La-Z-Boy:

first-time-user-of-lazy-boy-768x1024 2

After a short night in the hotel, we got up just in time for our next tee-time at Hickory Ridge Public Golf Center in Carbondale. I swear the fog lifted and the sun came out just as we putted on the putting green right before we teed off. It was glorious even though we both could have played better.

Leaving the golf course, we toured some old haunts (I can’t believe we lived in and hung-out at some of those places) and wound up having a pitcher of Blue Moon at Sidetracks. Sal’s pic of he and Mrs. Sal is still just inside the door:

sal-and-Mrs-768x1024 2

Sal also ran into an old friend who works at the place (Johnny? I am not certain of his name):

Sal-at-sidetracks-1024x768 2

We left to hit the tailgate party and grabbed some ice and beer on the way. We arrived in time for FREE food and beer and managed to get a plateful shovelled in (the food was incredible) before bad weather hit and they asked everyone to return to their vehicles for safety. After a 20-25 minute break (which we spent in the van), we continued to meet folks that Sal knows. Walking around the tailgate parties with Sal is like going there with a celebrity. He knows all kinds of people from his previous attendance at these and other Saluki related events. Like these guys:

tailgate 2
(note the date and time on this pic is NOT correct)

We got free tickets to the game. After like 30 seconds of bartering with two scalpers, some guy just handed Sal two tix. We watched the Saluki’s win their 8th straight conference opener versus the North Dakota State Bison. We got free beer from the good folks tailgating outside during the game.

Following the Saluki victory, we got some good Mexican food at Tres Hombres and picked up a six pack at the liquor store next door. We only drank one of those before crashing back at the hotel. We drove back in great Sunday morning weather, just in time to get Sal’s recliner in the USMMC and then get home to watch (actually I napped thru most) the Bears beat the Seahawks and Mickelson beat Tiger in the Tour Championship. Phil got $1.35 million, while Tiger took $10 million, plus $800k for second place. Go figure. While their weekends might have been more profitable, I think Sal and I had more fun and played almost as much golf. It was truly an AWESOME weekend.

September 1, 2009



Thank you very much to Ttrogg, WeirdSin, Derfie, Geekess, DaneBramage, UziQ and all other friends and family who I got to see last Saturday. It was a BLAST and I thank you all so much for your time and energies. Southern Hospitality RULZ! It is good for my soul to see you and hang out with you and eat and party with you. The food was awesome. WeirdSin was the first casualty Saturday night! Jorsa couldn’t make it, but I hear he is gonna be a grandpa!

I also very much enjoyed playing Tiger Woods Golf on the Wii with Ttrogg and then watching Tiger Woods lose to Heath Slocum with Ttrogg’s Mom on Sunday.

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