June 19, 2009

John McCain to Intercept N. Korea Nuke Shipments

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December 30, 2008


FYI TO ALL JUGGHEADS: I have requested a copy of the old program that ran the ‘Old Jugg’ site. If this works, we may have full access to the old blog dating back to September 2003 which should include comments and ‘more’ sections. I will need help once I get the program so volunteers are needed. I know Trench is smart enough but I think he is very busy. Feste knows somebody who may be able to help. I will have to host the old site separately so we’ll have to see how it goes. I would really like to have to old stuff up again as there were some classic posts with pics and stories that should not be lost to history.

Stay tuned

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November 4, 2008


The spouse leaves Lowes with some baseboards and some primer Sunday morning. We bought two 12 foot boards which the Lowes saw guy cut into four 6 footers… That is the only way I could fit them in the GTI/ We wrapped them in a sheet and stuffed them in the back hatch up to the front seat. They are pre-primed and the first time I bought some the white got all over the car. This time we didn’t get any of the white inside. The utility room and basement look so much better with baseboards. We got used to living without them over the last two or three years, but now were about sixty percent finished with the baseboards.

Here are some of the tools on my desk that I used on a daily basis. The apple is a recent thing for me. I am trying to eat healthy things more often. When I get back from the gym at 1400hrs I am usually hungry. The apple really does the trick and gives me a little energy until I eat again at home.

This is the file I am currently going through and drafting a report for a claim review that is coming up early next week. It’s a big one that involves a dude who had his leg crushed in a foam compressing machine. Ouch! We are heading toward trial in the next few weeks and it does not look like it’ll settle prior to that unless the defendant gets real about their exposure. We are a third-party defendant, sued by the defendant, not the plaintiff. We didn’t do anything wrong to cause the accident but can’t get out and keep racking up defense costs.

This is some of the scuffing damage to my fender from the hit and run dude. I dropped the car at the shop yesterday afternoon and they promise to do an excellent job. I hope they do as I will be expecting perfection. I shall pick it up Thursday evening if all goes well.

I picked up a Ford Focus rental car at the shop and this is the dash setup while sitting in the commuter lot. It’s OK. It has poor cornering and a loud lumbering four cylinder engine which will get me by. It is not nearly as comfortable either. I got used to the nice high sided seats in the GTI and also Satellite Radio. I am stuck with FM in Hartford which is just about as close to hell as you can image. We have crap radio here. Major crap. Only now and then can we find a college radio station playing a block of decent music. I must prefer the radio in Boston where we lived prior to coming to New Britain.

This is the sunrise in the rear view mirror at the commuter lot at 0615. I went to vote first thing in the morning and parked this temporary car in the church parking lot and went inside. There were about thirty people waiting for the doors to open. This is about four or five time the normal amount at this hour.

October 29, 2008


I bought this tonight, the STAG Arms AR-15 Model 3. It’s totally customizable and is made in New Britain, CT, USA. In CT there is a 10-day waiting period and then it can be picked up. I have read many news stories regarding the fate of arms sales post any possible Obama Presidency. The forecast is not good. I had to get it today. I spoke with a number of folks at this dealer and it was a consensus that if Obie is elected, there will not be an assault rifle left on the wall by the following evening. In addition, it is anticipated that the lack of supply in the final days between the election and the possible Obama Prez… So it’s now or never. The rifle was backordered and I should have it in my hands within three weeks. I will also buy 3 or 4 30 round magazines and a large number of rounds to protect us against any societal instability that may come from any Obama presidency or God forbid, unrest from any asswipes attempt as taking him out. Let’s hope that if Obie is elected we can give the guy a chance and that even the Dems in congress will stifle his wildest actions… Obama is a very dangerous man as he has not told us of his true agenda because he could not be elected… “Danger Will Robinson!”


This is an example pic from the web of what I am going to buy this week prior to the election, a Stag Arms AR-15 Tactical version. As the story states below, guns are selling like hotcakes. This is before the election. After the election, should Obama win, prices will jump as supply goes down. Everyone and their dog will be out to buy! I figure it’ll be a better deal prior to the election… In Connecticut, we have a 10 day waiting period from purchase. So, even though I have to wait to pick it up I can get the price prior to the election. Should McCain win, not biggie as I have wanted this for a long while. I’ve had two AR-15’s in the past and of course I became ultra-familiar with the weapon while serving in the Marine Corps. I was the “high shooter” with the AR-15 out of 80 recruits in boot camp in 1979. This will be good as if there is some significant civil unrest in the near future, I won’t be unprepared. God forbid that something questionable or worse happens to Obama if elected because all hell will break loose. We will have to be prepared for self-defense and the defense of our family and homes… Maybe society will breakdown even if there is no “event” to act as the catalyst.

Here is the story:

October 10, 2008


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You need ID for so many normal things in this country it is insane not to require ID in the form of a drivers licence of state issued ID. I am OK with making state issued ID free if you don’t have a drivers licence but it must be done. The voter fraud taking place in Ohio and other places puts the coutry at risk of substantial post election violence and even revolution. If your not responsible enought to have ID, you are not responsible enough to vote. Voter fraud is so very dangerous.

September 26, 2008

Live blogging the debate

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“I don’t need any on the job training. I am ready to go right now.”

I think McCain just got elected.


Regardless of whether you like her or not, this guy took some serious time palnning and executing this…

September 19, 2008


Possible Johnny Fubar New Song. Lyric Rough Draft:

Obama Obama
Daddy stuck it in your momma
And they made the loser that’s you

Barack Barack
Your spiel is such a crock
And your fans just eat up every word

Obama Obama
The leftists’ Dalai Lama
You’re worshipers are kissing at your feet

Barack Barack
It’ll be a massive shock
When the left is beaten once again

Everyone’ll know you’re a pitiful loser
Everyone’ll know you’re rotten spastic man
Everyone’ll see you’re a lying sack of shit
Obama the man who would be King

Obama Obama
You’ve been causing all this drama
But your star will fade and silence you

Barack Barack
What will happen to your flock?
They just won’t believe they lost again

Obama Obama
You’ll go crying to your momma
When McCain and Palin win the game

Barack Barack
You can stick it in a sock
Cuz Michelle won’t touch you when you lose

Everyone’ll know you’re a pitiful loser
Everyone’ll know you’re rotten spastic man
Everyone’ll see you’re a lying sack of shit
Obama the man who would be King

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