November 3, 2016


OMG! Best baseball game ever!

Check this with great pic. And this with same picture and great story.

To come from being down 3-1 is miraculous in and of itself. For the Cubs to do it in the way they did is just iconic and phenomenal. This might be the best story about the Cubs and their win that I read.

It was Epic. Magnificent. Spectacular. Historic. Stupendous. Just fucking AWESOME!

Ready for a dynasty? There’s always next year! Glad I got to share the experience with Sal and a bunch of Cubs faithful at a bar that was fully engaged.

Here is one more story confirming it was the greatest game in the history of baseball.


2 responses to “CUBS WIN WORLD SERIES!”

  1. Sal Uki says:

    Glad I could make it there to watch history with FB! Fly that W!!!

  2. FloridaBill says:

    Kris Bryant appropriately voted league MVP! This kid has had a pretty good start to his career.