February 2, 2016

Not an obit: RIP Carson, O’Malley, Huckabee, Fiorina, Kasich and hope

It is time to turn this blog back into a political machine. Instead of obituaries of Rock Stars and iconic figures from our youth, we turn to politics as usual following the Iowa caucuses.

Iowa has spoken. It’s a virtual tie for the democrats. Bernie pulled off a stunner against Hilleroid. It has got to sting and feel a little like 2008. That was when Barry Obama started to become a pain in Hilleroid’s rear. The fact that Bern got half and she got half leaves O’Malley (the most presidential looking of the bunch) making his exit. He is likely to return as a running mate…

Iowa has spoken and they got it dead wrong. Cruz? Ted fucking Cruz? Wow Iowa. Just wow. I liked Trump’s comments this morning. I like that Rubio came-in third (he’s going to be someone’s VP on a ticket). I think that my guy is still Jeb. Looks like he is a huge underdog, but there is a long way left to go. Trump will do better in New Hampshire and perhaps Jeb too and then the real contest is on. Is there a split coming to the party? Stay tuned…this might get really good or it might be a big ole sloppy hog-shit shower.

Iowa has spoken and they gave us the latter last night.

One response to “Not an obit: RIP Carson, O’Malley, Huckabee, Fiorina, Kasich and hope”

  1. Sal Uki says:

    Trump has an interesting coalition that includes a good chunk of blue collar dems. Evangelicals however aren’t buying his sudden bible thumping.

    Cruz may have pulled a fast one in Iowa, by running with the false assertion that carson had dropped out. I will say that many of my friends do like him, and also consider Trump a false conservative at best, a Trojan horse at worst. The fact that the establishment hates Cruz is actually a plus in their eyes. Carson will eventually fold up the tent, and where his 6-7% support moves will determine the nominee imo.

    Jeb’s goose was cooked long ago. He’ll get a bump from the dropouts, but his brother wears the crown of thorns in destabilizing the Middle East (special thanks to president mom jeans for leaving a power vacuum). More importantly, Jeb’s just not going to capture the anger of the GOP electorate. This is a self inflicted wound for the party, as they have been given both houses yet remain unable (unwilling) to reverse any of Obama’s policies. That’s why establishment candidates aren’t gaining traction, if they had been even marginally effective, there is no Trump. The establishment is going to have to settle for Rubio. He’s young, energetic, an excellent debater, and an altogether nice American success story. I believe he can shore up the hispanic vote and have a good shot of winning.

    I think there is also real panic on the left. Hillary is an aristocratic corporate insider, about as trustworthy as mexican tap water, and has a mountain of liabilities. If her name was anything other than Clinton, Hillary and her pantsuit would be taking those extra long bathroom breaks in prison. If she’s not indicted, we may see a revolt within the FBI, complete with whistle blowers and damaging leaks. Beyond that she has the charisma of an eel, and young women are becoming aware of her role in destroying the victims of her sexual predator husband. War on women indeed.

    Bernie is a 74 year old kook, pandering to entitled young economic illiterates who were raised to believe that everyone is special and life should be fair. That doesn’t even begin to address the horrifying prospects of a Putin/ISIS vs. sanders matchup. We might as well give back alaska if we elect a man hovering between isolationism and pacifism, at a time when the current feline is content to leave WW3 at our doorstep.

    Rich people aren’t stupid. They will not underwrite Bernie promising everything that isn’t nailed down, and would be outta here faster than you can say corporate inversion. The wealth drain phenomenon is happening in France right now, here’s a pretty good read on their millionaire outflow. Bottom line is there are plenty of other countries willing to welcome rich people and their companies.

    On that note, Ireland has cut the corporate rate to 12.5% and it’s paying off with a pretty stunning 7% GDP growth rate. Food for thought.

    Lastly, I would not at all be surprised if Biden jumps into this thing, possibly with the fake indian warren chick. Gonna be a wild ride, I see major fissures in both parties.