February 24, 2014

Alec Baldwin an Epic Fail of a teachable moment.

Just when I thought the Neanderthal was going to have an a Epiphany and see the true origin of the politics of division that cast him out of his beloved Party of Sycophantic Hypocrites. But to no avail- his denial of the true source of his problems is as pathological as is his denial of his obvious anger problem. Harvey Levin, Breitbart, Ailes and Fox News are the problem.

So now he is in self-imposed exile from whatever- I thought he was moving to Venezula, Switzerland, Canada or some shit when GWB got re-elected but … He’s still a Registered Democrat.

The word-thought-mumble crime police busted him.    GUILTY.

2 responses to “Alec Baldwin an Epic Fail of a teachable moment.”

  1. FloridaBill says:

    Dipshiticus maximus. I giggle at the mention of Harvey “TMZ” Levin. He is one of the leaders of the media, like Colbert and John Stewart. Guilty as charged.

  2. DaneBramage says:

    He was exiled by the very mindset that predicates the modern “progressive” agenda. Division politics. The mindset he clearly sees on the Right. Cast out by less than 4% of the populace. Apartheid Anderson Cooper style- Imagine being the LGBT’s bitch. LOL. (Baldwin did beat Cooper on those dates he cited- All Friday 10pm slots…Of course both trailed Hannity by two digit percentages…) At the moment I thought Baldwin was going to see the truth- bitch-out. It was his way of begging his way back into the “club”. Poor fucker. denial ain’t a river in Egypt.