September 27, 2013

Trench saves Juggernuts, etc.


Trench has stepped to the plate again and saved Juggernuts from extinction. Thanks man. It has been a good ten years. The actual tenth anniversary of the birth of the Nut is 9-30-13, Monday, and I look forward to ten more. John Kerry hasn’t aged a day! Now, let’s get some more good content flowing!

Also, I got a call from my old friend Trogg last night. He had a heart attack last Thursday night/Friday morning. He is out of the hospital, OK and doing fine, but please send some love and happy thoughts his way. He mentioned that he got he nether region shaved and that reminded me to post this link. I hope to get down to see him soon and may see if we can hit an Alabama game together. He claims to have lost a lot of weight and has, as of Friday morning, quit smoking.

Finally, looks like Yarbz may be headed to the MidWest for a Juggfest in mid-November. Get your drinking boots ready. 🙄

6 responses to “Trench saves Juggernuts, etc.”

  1. Yarbz says:

    Yes, I offered the domain up to Trench or FB and Trench thankfully grabbed it up. I’ll try to be a better contributor and make the blog vital again. Trench may use his technical prowess to bring in some modern bells and whistles or some other crap…who knows?

    Work has been soooooo busy in the last three years that my blogging time went from lots to none. With ObieCare coming, perhaps there will be some PhotoShop opportunities. I wonder how ObieCare will affect Sleestaks?

  2. Trench says:

    Yarbz, as far as I’m concerned this has always been and always will be your blog.

    Just tell me what you’d like done and I’ll make it so,

  3. Trench says:

    Speaking of quitting smoking I’ve quit after 30 years by using one of those newfangled e-cigs.

  4. Yarbz says:

    I skipped over the heart attack part of the post… Movin’ too fast I guess. I’m glad Trogg is OK. Sound like it was not a major attack?? He can recover and be as good or better than he was before…

    Trench, keep it up and eventually get off the e-cigs too. Of all the vices I have had and have currently, smoking was never one of them. I’m lucky cuz I am easily addicted to stuff.

  5. DaneBramage says:

    10 years. WOW. Going on 4 years without the Cancer Sticks.

  6. FloridaBill says:

    I have been cigarette free for 11 and a half years. Good luck Trench. It is not as hard as I was lead to believe.

    I can recall a few nights when Yarbz did smoke and he regretted it the next day.

    I have heard from Trogg and he seems to be doing well. I had to give him my famous Skipper’s Linguine recipe. I may have to make some tonight…

    1/2 lb Bacon cut in 1/4 inch strips
    Tuna (I use 1 can of good white albacore and one of regular tuna in water)
    Shrimp (1 can of medium)
    Stuffed green olives, sliced (1 jar)
    Smoked Baby Clams (1 tin)
    Butter (up to 3 TBS)

    Brown the bacon, drain. Add Tuna, shrimp, clams (optional), butter and olives. Heat for ten minutes. Serve over cooked linguine with parmessan cheese and lemon juice. YUM