April 16, 2013

IEDs in the USA

Tragedy at the Boston Marathon.

7 responses to “IEDs in the USA”

  1. Trench says:

    Not that anyone asked but I think it’s going to be an ant-tax sovereign citizen type.

  2. FloridaBill says:

    You may be right. A fucktard without a doubt.

  3. Trench says:

    Or anti-tax even. I don’t think ants pay taxes. Yet.

  4. FloridaBill says:

    If they would pay their share it would solve a lot of problems.

  5. FloridaBill says:

    Glad I don’t live near a fertilizer factory.
    The rain here is epic today.

  6. Trench says:

    Did you see the dumbass taking videos of the fire with his daughter when the explosion happened in Texas?

  7. FloridaBill says:

    This video made me smile: (NSFW because of the song “America Fuck Yea!”)