December 13, 2011

Drones are being hacked- It’s on Obama’s Watch

Hmm we sold missile secrets to China under Clinton’s watch and now Drones are falling out of the skies. One miraculously in perfect condition….

See any consistencies here??? Just like we get into protracted Wars when Presidents from Texas get in the White House… (Fair and Balanced…just sayin)

Yarbz- If you see a drone at a tag sale please get it for me and I’ll pay you back…

6 responses to “Drones are being hacked- It’s on Obama’s Watch”

  1. Sal Uki says:

    I thought the same thing, that it was a hacking or someone scrambling the communication. And I heard the thing had numerous self destruct mechanisms, none of which worked.

    And Obama gets a giant pussbag award for not blowing the thing up with an airstrike. Asking for it back? Really?

  2. DaneBramage says:

    Pussbag squared.

  3. FloridaBill says:

    Oh please, please , please, please can we have our drone back?

    I blame Bush. He is the one who started using drones more widely in the first place and this is all his fault.

  4. DaneBramage says:

    RC planes….

  5. Sal Uki says:

    “Armadillohead? Hi, this is Barack. My toy plane landed in your yard and, um, I was wondering if I could have it back.”