January 6, 2011


I shall be in Birmingham Alabama for a meeting on February 18, 2011. That meeting will be on South Bridge Parkway so I may stay in that area or maybe someplace where there is stuff around. I will likely add some additional time to the trip and snoop around with my camera and my thirst. I also usually hit thrift stores and yard sales, though I assume the latter is out of season. Dates may be February 17th, 19th and 20th? I won’t know the precise dates until late January or early February. Can anyone recommend some unique places to see, to eat, to goof off and/or does anyone want to join me for same?


  1. FloridaBill says:

    How I would love to go with you and show you around a bit. The good bars are near Five Points and there are good places to eat there as well. You will be fairly close based on the map I looked at, but anyone can tell you how to get there. You will also be close to UAB and the Vulcan. Most of my friends live near or in Hoover and they are VERY hospitable. If you get to Hoover, you MUST go to the Golden Rule BarBQue. You will not regret that visit. Your camera could get a workout at the old Sloss furnaces and the closed steel mills as well as downtown. Birmingham is also home to the oldest baseball park in America (Rickwood Field; at least I think it is). The area around Legion Field might provide some photographic opportunity as well, but I don’t recommend going to that area alone. It is a smallish city (maybe 300k folks live there and a million or so in the surrounding area) but it has real southern charm. Tuscaloosa is about an hours drive west if you want to see a tremendous campus.

    You should look up Dane and Derfie and Ttrogg and maybe even my brother…Wierdsin knows the place as well as anyone and he lives up in Bluff Park.

  2. Yarbz says:

    I look forward to checking it out. BBQ sounds like a must. If anyone wants to get together please let me know. Post here or ask Florida Bill for my email or phone number. I guess you’re getting ice today with snow on top. Yuck!

  3. jorsabeck says:

    will make a trip over to The ‘Ham for a potential get together. Will be great to meet you!

  4. FloridaBill says:

    And don’t forget to look up Jorsa, CinLin and Geekess! How are ya’ll holding up in the wintry South?

  5. FloridaBill says:

    I am re-considering a mid-February junket to Birmingham, especially if you are staying over on Saturday night. We should discuss details and plant the seeds of a real JuggFest soon.

  6. WeirdSin says:

    Come on down, we are here. I’ve been in password hell but up and running. or find me on facebook or Farmer

  7. Yarbz says:

    FB, WeirdSin, Dane, Jorsa, et al…

    I should be purchasing my trip today or tomorrow and will try and fly back on Monday the 21st. That would leave me free on Saturday and Sunday to visit and run around a bit… Standby for updates…

  8. Yarbz says:

    I am going to book my stay today. I will be in the downtown area most likely. While I will be booking hotels for the stay, I was curious if anyone has an extra bed for Saturday night(the 19th)? No problemo if time and space is tight so please don’t worry about it. I’ll probably want to stay close to the airport on Sunday night because I will be flying out Monday early. Let me know…

  9. WeirdSin says:

    Cool, look forward to meeting you. Informed Trog and he is ready to fest Saturday and has bed space.
    Florida should come warm his tootsies.
    Cinlin will be in touch with all, says Trog

  10. FloridaBill says:

    I may be able to make it…I wouldn’t let a JuggFest go forward without me.

  11. Yarbz says:

    Contact me asap so I can know what’s happening…

  12. FloridaBill says:

    Looks like I will be there. I spoke with Ttrogg and he is beginning preparations for JuggFest South III (or is it IV?). I fly in late Friday and will be ready for it on Saturday.

    Maybe we can take a drive to T-Town early on Saturday if you want to see the campus.

    Looking forward to it!!!

  13. FloridaBill says:

    Definately IV. One at MMTL’s, one at the Lake and one at Ttrogg’s.

  14. WeirdSin says:

    my error, I get Cin lin name mixed with Geekess because her nmae starts with cin. my bad, Trog will be in touck through Geekess. will have home made babyque with pickin and grinin to follow.

  15. FloridaBill says:

    Very much looking forward to another JuggFest Southern style!

  16. FloridaBill says:

    What is a good bar to hang out Friday night?