January 30, 2009

Week in Review

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File under Week 5 of 2009.

Here we are, over a week into the Obama presidency and he still hasn’t fixed the economy that is teetering on the edge of a deep dark precipice. I thought there was gonna be some change? Bipartisan my ass. When is he gonna do something about the job market? The economy is on the brink of disaster and he is all worried about what happens in the Middle East by going on Arab TV and sending George Mitchell to Israel. (I hope you all can sense the sarcastic tone.)

National Parks SuicideHanging van

Last week it was flying cars, this week it’s teleportation. I love it!.

In completely unrelated news, the Royal Air Force is getting closer to shooting down a UFO.

Also from the UK is this story that should please Feste about Evangelical Atheism being alive and well. Vaya con Dios.

Players from Houston and Arizona made a new kind of “face” book friend this week. I hope Aubrey Coleman doesn’t get all suicidal over this and drive his car over a cliff or something stupid.

From the “I can’t believe that her uterus didn’t fall out” file comes this story about a woman who gave birth to octuplets. That is eight babies, not some kind of invertebrate, spineless critters like spider-squid.


You would find me at the bottom of an abyss if my wife had 8 babies at once. Oh, and by the way, mom already has six other kids for a grand total now of fourteen! W. T. F. ?

And from the “that just ain’t right” file is this story about a 93 year old WWII vet who froze to death because the power company shut off his electricity. That just ain’t right. Those folks should be thrown in a very deep crevice as they are major Fucktards.

Also topping the list of Fucktards of the week are:
Rod Blogyoyovich. (again). First he decides to boycott his own impeachment trial in the Illinois Senate, then, in a last ditch effort to keep from being toppled, he asks for and receives 90 minutes for a closing argument. He used about half of that. The case has gone swiftly like greased goose poop downhill. For sale: IL Tollway signs with the former Governors name. I saw a woman on the news yesterday that said if Blago was convicted, he should be made to stand on scaffolds, wearing an orange jump suit and sand-paper his name off those signs. For a time yesterday, Illinois had no Governor. Now, there is a new one.
Ted Haggard, a former minister of a Mega-church who now seems so conflicted that he may never dig himself out of the hole he has created.
Thomas Lee Rowley a cracker from Victorville, Ca who stabbed his ex to reclaim the breast implants he paid for.
Bennie Wint, who faked his own death twenty years ago and got caught on a routine traffic stop.
Roy Lynn Oakley from Oak Ridge, TN who was stealing nuked parts from K-25 and selling them to the French who wouldn’t know what to do with them anyway. He is over the edge for sure.
Ervin Lupoe, who killed his five kids, his wife and then himself after losing his job. He and Mark Meeks can kill each other in hell for the remainder of eternity.
Kimberly Tenor and Royce Ziegler, II who are on trial (or soon going to trial) for the killing of a 2 year old angel named Riley Ann Sawyers or “Baby Grace”. They both make me sick. Too bad the prosecutors decided not to seek the death penalty. Royce Ziegler number one should be so proud.
Arthur Freeman, who threw his four year old daughter off a bridge in Australia, also makes me ill. He should suffer the same fate.

The SuperBowl is on Sunday. I am hoping the underdogs can overcome the odds and win. I am also looking forward to the half time show with a 12 minute party promised by Bruce Springsteen.

Enjoy your freedoms and happy healthy weekends to all.

5 responses to “Week in Review”

  1. ZappaCrappa says:

    So much to comment on…here we go!

    Obama – I give the guy a pass at this point and will give him more than a week before I start to judge too harshly. At least he’s not giving billions so execs can get their millions in bonuses and buy new toys for their personal use with a company check…or giving tax breaks to oil companies with record breaking profits.

    The Human Xerox – 8 kids + 6 = the epitomy of irresponsibility and selfishness. I guess someone people only see value in themselves by how many versions of themselves they can squirt out into this already over-populated world. Geee…I wonder if they can support them all without government assistance?

    93 year old WWII Vet – Sad…just sad. The community seems to be ready for a public lynching….I’ll supply the rope.

    FTOTW – All good choices. Ted Haggard is my sentimental favorite based on his dick sucking hypocrisy alone…but I have to go with a 5 way tie with the the child murdering and over-the-bridge throwing idiots. All that remain alive should be flayed and impaled Vlad Dracule style and left to linger slow deaths while being urinated on by the general public.

    Superbowl – Pulling for the Cards…just because…and I don’t get what the big deal is about Bruce Springsteen…so the dude plays marathon 4 hour concerts of mediocre music…whoopeee.

  2. FloridaBill says:

    I used to feel the same way about Springsteen until I saw one of those concerts.

    I am ready to pee on anyone that needs mine (or urine).

    The human Xerox will need all kinds of support and will no doubt get it from the soft underbelly of American curiousity seekers who will want to assist in the train wreck they can’t stop glaring at.

    I really was just kidding about Obama. We won’t get on his case until at least February.

  3. ZappaCrappa says:

    I knew you were kidding…the Limbaugh’s out there aren’t though. Speaking of which…does anyone still listen to that hypocritical blowhard these days? REALLY? And you don’t feel dirty doing it…like a hypocrite? Oh well…

    I’m sure that given a few months, the guy’s socialist leanings will push my Libertarian needle into the red. As of now though, everything he’s done so far has seemed very “libertarian” to me.

  4. cj says:

    Why would a doctor give a single mother of 6 who lives with her mother a shot of superduper kid growing stuff and let her bring 8 more of them into her house? That seems unethical or stupid of the doctor.

    I became a grandmother Saturday, grandson weighing 6 lbs 9 oz! I am absolutely thrilled and wish he didn’t live nearly three hours away.

    The picture of the van on the cliff was shown to some of my co-workers who started mentioning hearings they have held with people who tried to commit suicide. One of the stories was about a lady who jumped from an overpass hoping to die in traffic and landed on a highway patrol car. The cop was mandated to help her and saved her life, much to her dismay. The other was about a guy who wanted to gas himself to death by sticking his head in an oven. The oven got to hot and he was forced to pull his head out by the heat. The attorney did not do ask the question that was eating at her – that being “was the over electric?”

  5. FloridaBill says:

    Congrats to Grandma cj!