December 30, 2008


FYI TO ALL JUGGHEADS: I have requested a copy of the old program that ran the ‘Old Jugg’ site. If this works, we may have full access to the old blog dating back to September 2003 which should include comments and ‘more’ sections. I will need help once I get the program so volunteers are needed. I know Trench is smart enough but I think he is very busy. Feste knows somebody who may be able to help. I will have to host the old site separately so we’ll have to see how it goes. I would really like to have to old stuff up again as there were some classic posts with pics and stories that should not be lost to history.

Stay tuned

3 responses to “OLD JUGGERNUTS SITE”

  1. Feste says:

    The guy I know used to run the network and databases at another small cubicle insurance company. Unfortunately, he was recently laid off. That could bode well for this project. I know him well ( his wife worked for me in the old Dr. Feste organization), and I would like to help out; He tuns a computer consulting business on the side, maybe I can see if he’ll take on this project, and I’ll charge pay for it with my defunct practice leftover accounts receivable.

    Bloglord… give me the details about the database, and I’ll email him.

  2. Yarbz says:

    Let’s talk and maybe we can all get together and do this thing together and then have a beer to celebrate or commiserate…depending on the outcome.

  3. FloridaBill says:

    I would lvoe to have access to all that old stuff. Thanks!!