August 28, 2008

Computer highjacked today?

CATAGORIES: GENERAL NONSENSE — jorsabeck @ 6:18 pm

Microsoft is pushing the final version of Windows XP Serice Pack 3 [SP3] today.

Just finished installing. Expect about an hour to d/l, install & such with a 1meg internet conection.

Seems to work OK, but will be a pain I’m sure (SP2 sure was at first).

You have been waned!!!

5 responses to “Computer highjacked today?”

  1. Feste says:

    After I installed SP3 a couple weeks ago, the computer would not shut down and restart, I had to manually reboot it and it was from then on TOTALLY FUCKED.

    I luckily was able to restore from a back up. Bastards.

    I did update my laptop without a problem.

    They suck. My next ‘puter is an Apple.

  2. Yarbz says:

    didn’t they add a “Porn Mode” in the browser? Jorsa, you’ll get to use that a lot right?

    Also, How are you doing? What’s the latest update?

  3. Houston says:

    Been with Apple for the last 5 years. You turn it on and use it. If you want, you can turn it off when your done.

  4. FloridaBill says:

    I like being waned, but only after waxing.

  5. jorsabeck says:

    Still recovering. I can actually put both shoes on now by myselves!

    Go see the ortho on Thursday and see what if any ‘privileges’ I get back: work, driving & sex are possibilities.

    No walking for another 61/2 weeks minimum.

    Still living in a dry county, But CynLyn is coming to visit this weekend and bringing DREAMLAND RIBS!

    Happy Labor Day to everybody, not just the preggo ones!