January 29, 2016

RIP: Paul Kanter

CATAGORIES: REST IN PEACE,Rock & Roll — FloridaBill @ 8:34 am

Founding member of Jefferson Airplane/Starship Paul Kantor has died. He was 74. I hope he finds somebody to love in the afterlife.

January 26, 2016

RIP: Abe Vigoda

CATAGORIES: REST IN PEACE — FloridaBill @ 4:05 pm

Someone won a dead pool bet today I am certain. Abe Vigoda finally succumbed after years of faux reports of his death since 1982. RIP Fish/Tessio. No one will be able to falsely claim you are dead anymore.

January 19, 2016

RIP: Glenn Lewis Frey

CATAGORIES: REST IN PEACE,Rock & Roll — FloridaBill @ 8:08 am

Rock music took another blow with the death of Glenn Frey of the Eagles. He was 67. RIP Eagle man. He’s already gone…

January 11, 2016

RIP: David Bowie

CATAGORIES: REST IN PEACE,Rock & Roll — FloridaBill @ 8:15 am

The Thin White Duke is dead. David Bowie passed away yesterday after a battle with liver cancer. He had just turned 69 and released a new album called “BlackStar”. The single “Lazarus” seems to be a farewell of sorts as it starts with the lyric “Look up at me, I’m in heaven” and the video for the song closes with Bowie entering a closet and closing the door in casket-like fashion. RIP Ziggie. This guy had an amazing influence on music and the planet. I consider his album that has “Young Americans” and “Fame” to be the best bedroom music of all time.