December 30, 2014

Blast from the past reflected today


From 7-16-2011

Not really about R. v. Wade

When it comes to the wheels of justice they typically crush little children…

I am seeing how these modern “mommies” killing their children relates back to the legalization of abortion. Now don’t come at me with daggers and Bibles because I don’t have a dog in either hunt. And I really don’t give a rip what your personal political opinion is on this issues. Vote for whoever the Hell you want. We get the leaders we deserve IMO.

My position has always been abortion is legal and people should deal with it. It will NEVER get repealed. NEVER. But conversely I also don’t think the Govt should pay for it. Instead, I do think the Govt should subsidize and regulate the adoption business. A waste of life is just plain illogical from my standpoint.

Any way since R. v. Wade was in 1973, 2 1/2 generations of people (women and men) have grown into reproductive maturity. So as they go through puberty and sexual activity pregnancy has not been such definite consequence. There is the option to get rid of it. So as generations have come and gone with this option, I believe that there is a mindset in many men and women that occupant of the womb is something akin to a tumor. (This of course changes when most people give birth and they see their baby for the first time. Then the humanity of the child becomes obvious and there’s an emotional connection made).

But there are those who are socio/psychopath to begin with and cannot empathize with anyone much less this nebulous growth expanding in their body. THEIR body.

For whatever reason (positive attention from friends and family, having the father commit by proposing or marrying the mother , etc.). they have and keep the child. In Casey Anthony’s case,when precious Caylee was born, Casey had the first selfless (probably not…) thought in her head and wanted to put Caylee up for adoption and Cindy said :

“HELL NO!!! YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE THIS BABY AND YOU ARE GOING TO TAKE CARE OF IT BECOME RESPONSIBLE (which history had shown George over and over that Casey was incapable of being responsible for any significant period of time..)AND GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HAIR ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!”

History played out and it showed that it wasn’t Casey who took care and raised sweet little Caylee, it was CiCi and Joe Joe.

This is just a typical back story example of what lead up to what I have began calling “Post-Birth abortion”. Think about that concept. It fits.

Whether it’s buyer’s remorse (I can’t handle this, and all of the attention is gone), Or it becomes a romantic competitor/relationship blocker (Susan Smith), Power struggle “I’ll be damned if they win this WAR” ( Casey Anthony and Elizabeth Johnson ) or the Child is just plain annoying with that snot slinging crying and screaming ALLLL DAAAAY LOOONG!!!! Bam something snaps and the child is dead and the MOTHER/FATHER feels nothing. Fear of getting caught perhaps, but that’s it.

But the remorse is not there, hell they are glad the tumor is gone. Good riddance, now I can live my life how I want to….

I think this is a valid observation.

I don’t know about y’all but I’m getting sick of dead children at the hands of their parents and Justice just sits there. Maybe the youth aren’t the only ones who were desensitized by the legalization of abortion? Maybe we all have become a little. Maybe it’s society’s problem after all.

The reason I resurrect this article:

COLLEGE STUDENT HORROR TREND: Acceptable to Kill Children Up to 4 or 5-years-old?

December 23, 2014

RIP: Joe Cocker

CATAGORIES: GAS FUEL ENERGY,REST IN PEACE,Rock & Roll — FloridaBill @ 9:13 am

Rest in peace spastic man. Here you can find some of his greatness.

PS: I paid $2.09 for gas this morning. Fuck yeah.

December 9, 2014

Fabulous Fart Facts

Yep, everyone farts. Here are some facts about your flatulence. I just knew this was Juggernuts material when I saw the headline…

December 8, 2014

Greatest Fan Bases in College Football

CATAGORIES: ROLL TIDE,SPORTS — FloridaBill @ 11:49 am

I don’t think there is any arguing with who #1 is…Now, we get to see if the Big Ten can play against the SEC. The Florida State/Oregon game should be a good one as well. I do not feel bad for TCU or Baylor not getting in the playoff as I really don’t think they belonged. Bet they have a confernece championship by this time next year in the Big 12 and will need to add a couple of schools.

December 4, 2014

Rockers who died in 2014

CATAGORIES: REST IN PEACE — FloridaBill @ 11:57 am

How many of these do you recognize/remember? Some big names and some pretty obscure ones… RIP to all.

December 1, 2014

The Lingerie Brawl…


I guess if I was going to brawl over something on Thanksgiving, this would be it… WTF?

Idiots on steroids...

Idiots on steroids…

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