January 31, 2014

SuperBowl this Sunday!


Who cares?

I guess I’d like Denver to win to solidify Manning’s place in the universe as one of the GOATS. He needs at least one more ring to get there despite the crazy stats and all of those “Omahas”. I like watching him play. I also like the Seahawks (but not their coach so much). Frankly, I just do not have a dog in this fight and am more psyched about the commercials than the game. I already saw the Budweiser Puppy/Clydesdale ad and it is great.

What I would really like is if it snows there like it will here starting tonight and going all day tomorrow. They are forecasting up to 12 inches. How’d you like that Atlanta? Then, let it get really cold at the Meadowlands like it has been here when the Polar Vortex decides to nap on us. I’d like to see it be about five below zero at the start of the game with ugly wind chills down to the minus 30’s. I want to see both teams try to play football when it is like that. They would be more worried about frostbite than football.

I will watch at Sal’s (like in years past). Pretty psyched about some “Elburn”. Sal knows what that means. Woo Hoo.

I am ready to be done with football for this season. I want the Bears to draft A.J. McCarron, but I will not hold my breath.

January 30, 2014

Cats fighting kids

CATAGORIES: FASCINATING,HUMOR,OUCH!,Poodah Ben Purr,VIDEO — FloridaBill @ 3:16 pm

This made me laugh. I normally don’t do cat videos, but this one is worth a few moments.

Who knew that they hated little kids so much?

The kid at the very end deserves what the cat gives back.

January 28, 2014

Well as predicted: It’s snowing in ‘Bama when noone expected it.


I’m sure that with temps plunging into double digit negatives Florida Bill’s heart weeps for me….

RIP: Pete Seeger

CATAGORIES: REST IN PEACE — FloridaBill @ 8:36 am

Folk legend Pete Seeger has died. He was old.

January 15, 2014

Devil Baby makes me laugh


This is too funny and truly made me LOL. Devil babies are funny. 👿

January 6, 2014

Hell likely freezing over right now

CATAGORIES: WEATHER PHENOM — FloridaBill @ 9:23 am

I am not complaining about how cold it is, because it wouldn’t do any good and frankly it is just too cold to bitch. It was MINUS 20 (f) when I left my house this morning! Wind chill is around MINUS 45! Enough to kill. It is still early Winter. Is it global warming that is making it this cold? That sounds oxymoronic. I heard that they closed Indiana this morning. Closed the entire state. Praying for an early Spring here.

How cold is it where you are?

January 5, 2014

Has Hell frozen over? Michael Moore says Obamacare is awful.

Recently our favorite dickhead in the news has said Obamacare is awful. Does that mean he thinks the individual mandate is unjust and unconstitutional? No, he doesn’t think Obamacare goes far enough. He believes we should go to the single payer system aka universal healthcare.

While the healthcare industry in this country is screwed up, single payer is not the answer. Not only would that cause massive unemployment among healthcare workers but we’d see less people actually becoming doctors.

January 3, 2014

I am done with football

CATAGORIES: I hate it when this happens,ROLL TIDE,SPORTS — FloridaBill @ 3:02 pm

So, Bama loses two in a row for the first time since 2008 and gives up more points in the 2013 (or 2014??) Sugar Bowl than they have since the 90’s. OMG. What happened? The Sooners had our number and outplayed us big time. BIG TIME. Frankly, I would be much more heartbroken if that had been the National Championship game, but as a silly also-ran bowl game, who cares? I didn’t even stay up to watch the entire game.

The woman in this video clearly had too much Sooner Speak. Wow. Highly inappropriate.

The BCS title game is Monday night and I say: “Eagle, eagle, war damn eagle, kick ’em in the butt big blue!” I hope they scalp the ‘Noles, but I just don’t care that much.

Last Sunday, the Bears dropped out of the playoff hunt by dropping the last game of the year to Green Bay. They had it won with the Packers down and fourth and long and they let Aaron Rogers throw a TD pass; game over, season over, re-sign Cutler for a gazillion dollars. The Pack will meet the SF 49ers in what may prove to be the coldest game ever played this weekend. May they all suffer frostbite.

I think I watched more football this year than any other. That is probably about 60 or 70 hours of my life that I just can’t get back, maybe more. I think I may be done with football after the BCS and the SuperBowl. At least until next season.