April 30, 2010

The Force

I feel a great disturbance in the Force…

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April 23, 2010

Week in Review

CATAGORIES: WEEK IN REVIEW — FloridaBill @ 8:00 am

File under Week 16 of 2010.

Did you hear about the Michigan Thong Bandit? If the kid wasn’t 17 years old, I would think it might have been an old roommate of mine who used to steal panties out of the laundry at our apartments. I always thought that was a tad nasty.

Check out this video of a ball player flying thru the air that went viral in the middle of the week. Nifty move.

An oil rig exploded and caught fire in the Gulf of Mexico. Eleven workers are still missing.

Leonard Nimoy is hanging up his Spock ears and will no longer be in the movies or makes appearances at Star Trek conventions. Good for you, you green blooded Vulcan!

The NFL draft had a surprise last night when Tim Tebow was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the first round as the 25th pick.

Nero fiddled (with himself) as Rome burned.

Enjoy your freedoms and happy healthy weekends to all.

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April 19, 2010

A Glimpse into our Future Health Care courtesy of U.S. Gov


Funny at first. Read it all. You won’t be laughing.



– Dry, hot urban and rural combat
– Combat
– Road marches

April 16, 2010

Week in Review

CATAGORIES: WEEK IN REVIEW — FloridaBill @ 8:00 am

File under Week 15 of 2010.

Phil Mickelson won the Master’s for a Third Green Jacket on Sunday shutting out the rest of the field. It seemed that more attention was focused on another player who just returned after being off for five months, but in the end, it was Mr. Mickelson who got another green jacket. I played a little hooky and got some golf in yesterday. I play again on Monday and our league starts Thursday evening.

All this golf made me wonder, can Alabama remain hungry as a football team? I must say that the schedule looks pretty good to me. I didn’t know that Duke even had a football team.

I thought this was funny: How to print on your Ipad:

I called this one the moment I heard that Justice Stevens was retiring.

Maybe that is why this eagle is so distraught?

Anthony Hopkins is one serious Fucktard (the Preacher, not the actor). He seems to think that since his stepdaughter was wearing some sexy underclothes, that it is OK that he raped her and killed her mother. Oh, is that right Mr. Hopkins? You are free to go; into a pit of hungry crocodiles I would hope.

Looking for more Fucktards? Try Jose David Morales-Hernandez, also known as “Nicole”, The Divine Master” and a Mayan High-Priestess. And I thought the Mayan’s were all gone like the Incas.

Dane Bramage has been out looking for Fucktards this week and provided a link to a story about the Bishop of Tenerife, Bernardo Alvarez, who appears to want to somehow justify the abuse of pre-teens. He has clearly been drinking from the Fucktard Koolaid in mass (pun) quantities just like Anthony Hopkins (the preacher and Fucktard mentioned above).

How would you like this guy as your neighbor:

Prince Mongo

Torry Hanson from Shelbyville, TN is a Fucktard of serious caliber for returning her 7 year old adopted son to Russia, unescorted on a plane to Moscow with a note pinned to his shirt. OMG.

She is just as bad as Tommie Johnson, Jr. from Ohio who just threw out the 8 month old and the two year old kids in the trash. Tommie Johnson Sr. must be so proud!

A volcano in Iceland is screwing up travel in the rest of the world. Wow.

Finally, an RIP to a guy who was not a Fucktard, Civil Rights leader and former NAACP president Ben Hooks died yesterday. He was 85.

Enjoy your freedoms and happy healthy weekends to all.

April 14, 2010


This post card image is kinda small but I found the information on the back to be interesting and sad. Sad because Hartford is now nothing compared to what it was. That’s what Hartford and Connecticut deserve given the poor management and anti-business policies and tax rates in the city and state. The politicians of Hartford rival any and all crappy corrupt politicians in any city in any state.

While were on the subject, why don’t politicians have to pass tests like claims handlers have to? We’re required to take CE (Continuing Education) with classes dealing with the technical issues we deal with as well as ethics. Before we can get our adjusters license we have to take a State administered test showing we have a solid understanding of the applicable laws and ethical standards. Politicians should be required to do the same, ethics in particular! Everyone running for office should have to show a solid understanding of business principles. Can you imagine the uproar and screams of protest from the often stupid, ignorant, uneducated blithering idiots running our cities towns and states? We must make this happen. Government is business, if you know nothing about how to run a business you are out!

Anyway, here is the postcard and the info that was on the back:

“Hartford, Capitol of the State of Connecticut, is an important commercial and manufacturing city, called the insurance city because forty-six nationally known Insurance Companies maintain home offices in Hartford. The Travelers Tower, 527 feet in height, is the tallest in New England while the Aetna Life Insurance Company is housed in the largest Colonial structure in the world. The State Capitol is a beautiful building erected in 1877 at a cost of over $3,000,000. The city has many parks including Elizabeth Park, scene of an annual Rose festival in June.”


I love this stuff!

April 9, 2010


WEST HARTFORD, Conn. — A West Hartford man has been arrested on charges he posted a bogus advertisement on the Web site advertising group sex with a “soccer mom.”

Philip Conran is accused of posting the ad, which directed interested men to his neighbor’s home.

Conran’s alleged ad said a soccer mom at the family’s address wanted to have sex with as many men as possible. Within two hours of the ad being posted, police said 12 men showed up at the house, located in West Hartford’s South End.



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