September 30, 2009




Kira Ann was born yesterday at 3:07 PM. She weighs 7 pounds 3 ounces and is 19 inches and change. Everyone is doing well. Watching my daughter being born was the coolest thing I have ever seen. Now is the fun part…until she turns into an alien in about 13 years.

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September 29, 2009


P1050106 Dawn Robert Grady
This is Dawn Landino and Charlie Grady with Robert Loggia. Dawn and Charlie play FBI agents from what I can tell. Loggia plays the head of some crime family or something…

IMG_2833 Greg Robert 1024
This the the writer and director of the film with Mr. L…

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September 28, 2009

My Daughter will be born tomorrow


Well the wife did not pop yet so that means she will be induced tomorrow and I should be a proud papa. Only one problem we still have not picked a name. So how about some suggestions. Oh and to make it better tomorrow is my nephews birthday.

Weekend with Sal

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What a weekend Sal Uki and I had!

Friday, I took the day off and we loaded up the van and headed to Carbondale. We had a great adventure and amazing timing the entire weekend.

We made it just in time for our tee time at Kokopelli Golf Club in Marion, IL. The sun came out as we stood on the first tee and we had been in dicey weather for most of the ride downstate. We both played pretty well and that place is magnificent.

After golf, we checked into our hotel and got cleaned up for the fund raising basketball kick-off party at Stadium Grille. We arrived just in time for the festivities where the coach introduced the entire SIUC basketball team and for $20 it was great food and all the beer you could want. They were also raffling off several items and Sal won the first item that was raffled, a maroon colored La-Z-Boy recliner. Here is a pic of Sal and the Saluki Basketball coach, Chris Lowery, who drew his name:

sal-and-lazy-boy-1024x768 2

While the thing looks great in Sal’s underground sports museum/man cave (USMMC), I was the first person to ever recline in the La-Z-Boy:

first-time-user-of-lazy-boy-768x1024 2

After a short night in the hotel, we got up just in time for our next tee-time at Hickory Ridge Public Golf Center in Carbondale. I swear the fog lifted and the sun came out just as we putted on the putting green right before we teed off. It was glorious even though we both could have played better.

Leaving the golf course, we toured some old haunts (I can’t believe we lived in and hung-out at some of those places) and wound up having a pitcher of Blue Moon at Sidetracks. Sal’s pic of he and Mrs. Sal is still just inside the door:

sal-and-Mrs-768x1024 2

Sal also ran into an old friend who works at the place (Johnny? I am not certain of his name):

Sal-at-sidetracks-1024x768 2

We left to hit the tailgate party and grabbed some ice and beer on the way. We arrived in time for FREE food and beer and managed to get a plateful shovelled in (the food was incredible) before bad weather hit and they asked everyone to return to their vehicles for safety. After a 20-25 minute break (which we spent in the van), we continued to meet folks that Sal knows. Walking around the tailgate parties with Sal is like going there with a celebrity. He knows all kinds of people from his previous attendance at these and other Saluki related events. Like these guys:

tailgate 2
(note the date and time on this pic is NOT correct)

We got free tickets to the game. After like 30 seconds of bartering with two scalpers, some guy just handed Sal two tix. We watched the Saluki’s win their 8th straight conference opener versus the North Dakota State Bison. We got free beer from the good folks tailgating outside during the game.

Following the Saluki victory, we got some good Mexican food at Tres Hombres and picked up a six pack at the liquor store next door. We only drank one of those before crashing back at the hotel. We drove back in great Sunday morning weather, just in time to get Sal’s recliner in the USMMC and then get home to watch (actually I napped thru most) the Bears beat the Seahawks and Mickelson beat Tiger in the Tour Championship. Phil got $1.35 million, while Tiger took $10 million, plus $800k for second place. Go figure. While their weekends might have been more profitable, I think Sal and I had more fun and played almost as much golf. It was truly an AWESOME weekend.

MORE OF ‘FAKE’ (Modified Post for better Explanation…):


A friend of mine wrote a screenplay and won some awards with it and is now directing the film in and around Connecticut with a lot of it shot in New Britain where I live… I am shooting stills for the production. Here is the IMDB link:

P1050033 Fake w Robert Loggia 700

big keyboard scene sm
Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia in ‘Big”…

Here are some pics from a previous day that were shot in downtown New Britain CT at the old Post Office:



P1040907 SCENE W CAM NEW BRIT 1024


P1040903 SCENE CLAP NB 1024

September 24, 2009



I saw this pic at and just had to share…go and read the comments, some are pretty good. One of them was: This creature’s other car is a spaceship.

Week in Review

CATAGORIES: WEEK IN REVIEW — FloridaBill @ 9:03 am

File under Week 40 of 2009.

How about those Bears who beat the defending World Champion Steelers on Sunday afternoon. Spazticus and SalUki and I watched it in Sal’s garage Sunday afternoon. It was a surprising win for the Bears. As of this moment, Spazticus and Mrs. Spazticus are still awaiting the arrival of Spazticusette.

My favorite BearsMy favorite Bears

The Jets also managed a win over the Pats in a stunner. Wow.

Bama climbed into the No. 3 spot in the top College poll. We appreciate the losses by USC and BYU. SEC Football RULZ!

Looks like our trip to Carbondale with SalUki is a go for this weekend. We take off tomorrow morning and play golf, get in more golf Saturday morning and then go see SIU football Saturday night. Hopefully the weather not will shut all that down. In a somewhat related story, this was not good news for Saluki fans.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: JuggFest Midwest is now slated for October 17, 2009. Mr. & Mrs. Yarbz will be in town and we must have a suitable gathering. I am thinking bonfires…

For any Jungians out there, this is an amazing thing. The Bible Black has been found! Except, it is the First Book by C. G. Jung and it is amazing.

I wonder what Jung would think of this guy (he and his buddy had a deal to attend the other’s funeral in a dress):

Dressing for funeral

Flooding in the SouthEast was blamed for at least ten deaths after torrential rains hit Alabama and Georgia. They are left with a massive clean-up effort.

Heavy Rains Southeast

Leading off our list of Fucktards of the week is soon-to-be-former Cubs outfielder, Milton Bradley. Buh bye asshole. Good luck finding a new team that will put up with your shit, despite the fact that you have major skills.
Mesac Demas apparently offed his entire family and fled to Haiti. Sick bastard.
Speaking of Haitians, we have Douglas Perlitz who, allegedly, lured young Haitian street boys for sexual favors. Also a sick bastard.
Richard Alden Samuel McCroskey III, 20, of Castro Valley, Calif., AKA: Syko Sam. Wow. He is very very sick.
After Dane Bramage made a nomination for Jimmy Carter as Fucktard of the week last week, I have decided to second that nomination. Maybe the worst president EVAH! He has a permanent place in the annals of Fucktardary.

It’s here. Global warming is upon us.

And finally, check out this slideshow of the world’s worst tattoos courtesy of the Hartford Courant.

Enjoy your freedoms and happy healthy weekends to all.

September 23, 2009

Trench gets a job


As most of you now I got laid off from Small Desk Medical Practice back in January. Now 8 months later my unemployment is no longer. As of last week I started working for Very Small Cubicle Customer Service Firm. (VSCCSF).

I work 4-12 which is awesome but that would explain my lack of activity lately. The internet at work is locked down tight and the funny thing is I don’t mind. That’s how much I’m liking this job so far.

The pay sucks but other than that it rules.

September 22, 2009


These were all taken with my new Canon EF 50/f1.4 standard lens… On my 50D body this lens becomes the equivanent of an 80mm lens… Very shallow depth of field give an interesting effect…

Frank McLaughlin Sept 21 2009 J tims 600
Frank at the bar at J. Timothy’s in Plainville, CT

IMG_2226 Klink and Shultz
I was watching Hogan’s Heroes last night on some HD channel… Klink and Shultz, classic characters acted perfectly.

IMG_2205 Hartford Smoking Reader
A Smoking Reading Executive type outside Small Cubicle Insurance Company home office at about 0800 yesterday morning.

IMG_2191 Bus Stop Graffiti
Some graffiti at the bus stop enclosure in the AM light…

IMG_2164 2 Bus Stop graffiti
More graffiti at the bus stop enclosure in the AM light…

IMG_2108  Diner Whiskey Toast
Good ol’ Rye toast at Miss Washington Diner, downtown New Britain…

IMG_2097 Remotes On Bar
Some of my ten or so remotes in my basement sitting on the bar…

IMG_2080 Eggs OM and Hash
My standard weekend breakfast at Miss Washington Diner in New Britain, CT

IMG_2070 Diner Lights
The old lights of the Miss Washington Diner

IMG_2043 German Sausages eastside
German Sausages in the Bavaria Room at Eastside Restaurant, New Britain, CT… They are having the Grand Opening of the four season outdoor rooftop Beer Garden today… I am going to call some people as see if I can get in to shoot it…

IMG_2016 Mariann Peacock 600
Mariann in the Bavaria Room a couple nights ago with the iron work behind her looking like a religious icon of some sort… that is all…

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