April 30, 2009

Kermit the Frog



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Week in Review

CATAGORIES: WEEK IN REVIEW — FloridaBill @ 8:00 am

File under Week 18 of 2009.

WIR is a day early and a dollar short this week. I am travelling to MT to visit my parents. If anyone wants to take up the mantle for the WIR next week, please feel free.

The NASCAR finish at Talledega last weekend was very exciting. Especially for Carl Edwards.


Swine Flu! Everybody panic!


It would be hard to top last week’s list of Fucktards, but this week we have the following participants in our little club:
Joshua Cartwright
George Zinkhan
Stacey Marie Barker

Headlines of the week:
Bin Laden may be dead.
Chihuahua blown one mile by wind gust.
Arlen Spector becomes a democrat. I would have listed him as a Fucktard, but he used to be a good guy and I think he is all done.
My father was the zodiac Killer.

Of all of the pics from the “Tea Party” activity from a couple of weeks ago, this was by far my favorite:


The Sleestaks are coming! Mark your movie viewing calendars: Land of the Lost (June 5) with Will Farrell.

Are you ready for some football? Sports Illustrated ranks Bama 10th after Spring practices.

This was just plain freaky, but interesting.

Go Bulls. They have, at the very least, made it interesting. Game six is tonight.

Enjoy your freedoms and happy healthy weekends to all.

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April 29, 2009

Bible Black by Heaven and Hell

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If Black Sabbath had written Stairway to Heaven it would be Bible Black.

All hail his name \m/



The AIDS activists wear Red Ribbons…the Breast Cancer activists wear Pink Ribbons…the Gay Activists wear White Ribbons. To show my concern over Swine Flu I am going to pin a piece of bacon to my lapel.


April 28, 2009



Jusk click on either boob.

April 24, 2009


CATAGORIES: FASCINATING,I hate it when this happens,OUCH!,WTF — Yarbz @ 3:54 pm


Week in Review

CATAGORIES: WEEK IN REVIEW — FloridaBill @ 8:00 am

File under Week 17 of 2009.

It is supposed to be 80 degrees here today. EIGHTY! Tomorrow too! I even played golf last night as our league is now underway. I love it!

Here is a link to a story about a place that I used to frequent. Yarbz and I had a few cold ones there too. I used to have lunch there at least once a week when our offices moved to downtown Riverside (after Yarbz had moved on to other pastures) and attended many an office happy hour there back in the day. It is the one place (other than the Mission Inn) that you can count on still being in Riverside, CA when and if you visit.

Members of this week’s extensive Fucktard of the Week club include (but is certainly not limited to) the following:
Chanton Jenkins, who drowned a bunch of kids in a bayou.
Brothers Gerald and Glen Hall, who burned the buttocks of a 6 year old boy with a blowtorch, are clearly major Fucktards. How could they?
William Parente, who beat and choked his family to death in a hotel room is next on this hit parade of fucktardary.
I have experienced some level of road rage myself, but Serena Sutton-Smith takes the prize for the most pissed off Fucktard driver this week. She got real hot under the collar.
This story was kind of hard to follow, but one thing was clear: these guys are Fucktards.
Derick A. Culberson is a Fucktard for faking a robbery so that his girlfriend would feel guilty about leaving him. I doubt she feels guilty now dude.
D’Andre Howard is a Fucktard for calling 911 after he stabbed an entire family and three of them died.
We seem to have some smiling 😀 Fucktards this week:

craigslist-killerCraigslist Killer, Phillip Markoff. I am certain that we have not heard the last of this story.

somoli-pirate-smilingThis Somoli Pirate Abduhl Wali-i-Muse. I wish we would hear the last of this one.

This un-smiling idiot, Jack Ziniuk who chain sawed his horses head off and fed it to his dogs is a Fucktard. OMG. May he suffer the same fate.
Madeline Primoff is a Fucktard this week for telling her two daughters to stop fighting or she would stop the car and let them out, which she then proceeded to do. Wow!

Headlines I could not resist this week this week included:
Obama to invite Middle East Heads. What about the rest of their bodies? What about the non-stoner crowd?
Taliban claims victory near islamabad. Oh shit. Here we go
Mascot halts NBA game. At least it wasn’t the Bulls mascot.
Man Pretending to fall off bridge actually falls. How nimble of him. I was shocked to hear that alcohol was involved.

Spazticus sent me this link about Edgar Mitchell, the guy who has walked on places other than Earth more than anyone and who claims that aliens are real.

I was hoping to see Jason tonight, but his event in Chicago was cancelled. Enjoy that weather in Hartford, but watch out for the polliwogs.

Enjoy your freedoms and happy healthy weekends to all.

April 23, 2009


CATAGORIES: i love it when this happens — Yarbz @ 8:25 am

We have had some poor weather the last couple weeks after being teased with some early spring nice days. This weekend looks to be pretty nice. Lots of stuff to do outside around the house and on the bike!


April 22, 2009

Happy Administrative Professional’s Day


I called in to say I was going to be late today. I arrived at my normal ten minute late time anyway. I then asked to leave early too, and boss said that was fine. Yesterday I heard her say my name and then say she couldn’t talk now. I asked her what was going on and she told me she wasn’t going to say. I told her I wouldn’t give her the numbers she needed to complete a fiscal note if she didn’t tell me and I lost the battle. She got the numbers. Turns out she was ordering my gift for today’s event, Secretary Day, now offically Administrative Professional’s Day. I had no idea it was today and now have to run to the florist and get my clerical some flowers. The gift from my boss just arrived and it’s perfect!! She really knows me. She gave me some wonderful flavored coffees from Southbank and a coffee cup that says this:

I always arrive late at the office…but I make up for it by leaving early

I can’t believe I was late and asked to leave early and got this cup today!

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