March 31, 2008


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Madonna Remaking Casablanca (?!)


If you ever had a reason to hate her THIS would be it.

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Time for a good laugh


This just ROCKS!!!

Safe for work, but don’t have it too loud.

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Dozens Injured At WrestleMania When Fireworks, Cables Fall On Crowd

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For the BURNING details go HERE!

For WrestleMania results go HERE!

Cubs Opening Day

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It has been 100 years!

March 28, 2008

Sorry about that Chief!



Week in Review

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Tortoise Cub.

The Chinese are going to be watching Americans at the Olympics like this tortoise is watching her cub. The Olympics are sort of underway with the beginning of the torch ceremony. It will remain interesting I am certain.

Celeste Grace Minardi makes out list of Fucktards this week for stabbing her son whilst in therapy. I think she needs a LOT more therapy, but perhaps without the knives this time.
Here is one of the worst headlines I’ve ever encountered. Those folks are also nominees this week for Fucktard of the Week.
Gary Michael Hilton returns as a major Fucktard this week. What a sick bastard.
Here is another group that interrupted Easter Sunday Mass with some fake blood and protests against the war. Fucktards all.
I thinks everyone in this story about an 11 year old that got tased is a Fucktard.

Again, sadly, this week we have this headline. The price of gas will soon ruinate us all. I hope we don’t have to continue to see that headline every week. It is getting way old.

This headline made me smile.

This was a sad and sobering headline.

I spent a couple of days in Hartford this week (and thusly we have a somewhat abbreviated version of WIR this week) and enjoyed time with Yarbz on Tuesday and again Wednesday when we shared a plane to Chicago. I always enjoy the time I get to spend with him.

Happy healthy weekends to all.

March 27, 2008

Passing into the mysteries

victor ellis

Victor Ellis: The former Alabama linebacker and 2001 team captain died Tuesday night, less than a year after being diagnosed with medullary renal cell carcinoma, an aggressive kidney-related cancer. He was 28.


Richard Widmark: an American actor of films, stage, radio and television. He was nominated for an Academy Award for his role as Tommy Udo in his debut film, KISS OF DEATH. He was 93.


The total number of U.S. Military dead in Iraq passed the 4,000 mark.

March 25, 2008


When speaking about being under sniper fire (which turned out to be a lie):

“I say a lot of things, millions of words a day, so if I misspoke, that was just a misstatement…” -Hillary Clinton

Me thinks she’s full of shit again. Can you imagine being married to Hillary and hear her say “millions of words a day”!!! Jesus F’n C!

March 21, 2008

Week in Review

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Welcome to Spring (it is snowing a freaking blizzard outside again and we expect 3 – 6 inches of the white stuff before the end of the night. Just damn!) It is also Good Friday and Purim and a Full Moon.


Tibet Protests were in the news a lot this week. With the Olympics just a few months away, things in China will get interesting. Tibet deserves it’s freedom, but the Chinese seem bent on assimilation and resistance may be futile.

They are out looking at the Barker ranch this week for more of the Manson Family victims. And you thought this story was long over. Maybe Charlie himself killed someone after all?

The story that made me go “OMG” was this one about a woman in France that wanted assisted suicide. Here is her picture so you will know why and understand.

Face Tumor lady

Carve yet another notch in the Clinton Belt of Mystery with the disappearance of the guy who built the Clinton Library. At least they found Vince Foster, eh?

As far as headlines this week, this one takes the prize. How is that even possible? I wonder if her new anus works as well as her old one?

It was not a good week to be a Bear Sterns stockholder; nor a Bear Stearns employee or customer. It was a very good week if you are Jamie Dimon at JP Morgan Chase.

It was a slow week for Fucktardary, but at least we have naked maurauder, Nicholas Hadzick, who went on a rampage in PA sans clothing. Yep, Nicky is our Fucktard of the Week.

Excited for the Big Tournament yet? I am not picking the Bulldogs, but this is a great story. I think the four top seeds will go all the way to the Final Four for the first time ever. Too bad for Coppin State.

From the “no way” files comes this story about a dolphin who did what humans could not: save a couple of whales. From the “I hate it when that happens” files comes this story about an eagle ray that jumped from the water and killed a woman. I guess her time was up.

People thought there was no way a tornado could hit Atlanta. They were wrong.


Happy healthy weekends to all.

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