December 29, 2006

Hang Em High


I was going to post this but then I had this mental image of James Brown standing at the Gates of Heaven when Saddam arrived and my photoshop skills just won’t do it justice.

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FB is still on vacation and I’m bored so I’m gonna do it again. Hope ya’ll don’t mind.

First I’d like to say that we’re all glad the Bloglord is doing better and we hope the new year will bring happiness and health to all.

Some Mormons have their own ideas about New Years and someone has a few ideas of their own about Mormons. May not be SFW as the word SHIT is used once. Otherwise it’s fine.

Speaking of shit – if you like vanilla you’d better be careful.

I posted this piece on Juggernuts a few years ago while trying to make the point that Arab countries were gonna start pulling money out of the US. And so it begins.

If you didn’t get to hear The Donald go off on Rosie here’s your chance. CLASSIC!!!

The year is winding down and there seems to be lists for just about everything. But my favorite quote of the year has to go to Seagate CEO Bill Watkins who said this: “Let’s face it. We’re not changing the world. We’re building a product that helps people buy more crap — and watch porn.” Thank you Mr. Watkins. Thank you.

Next time a telemarketer calls you just remember to do this. May not be SFW. That word SHIT pops up again.

Starting Monday it will be illegal to ride in the trunk of a car while in California. Finally.

If illegal immigrants want to stay in America our great military might just have the solution. I’d like that a lot more than I’d like this.

Here’s a libertarian point of view in the war on drugs. Speaking of libertarian I’d like to invite you all to Freedom Fest 2007.

FOTW was once again a hard decision. So many choices so little time. This weeks award goes to this wonderful gal.

Finally, a little music. Sometimes the good stuff never gets old. Great music always stands the the test of time. Yea, you’re welcome FB.

Everyone have a SAFE and HAPPY New Years Eve. See ya’ll next year.

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December 27, 2006



cimg0052-icu-nurse-feet-600.jpg The nurse checks out my pulse in my foot while I was in ICU She was very nice!

cimg0055-arm-iv-icu-600.jpg One of many IV’s that I had throughout my stay at the New Britain Lucky Man Resort.

cimg0062-nurse-to-mariann-600.jpg The ICU nurse talks with Mariann about my motor and how to get it tuned up…

cimg0069-icu-view-600.jpg My view from the bed in ICU.

cimg0070-posed-ha.jpg A repost of me in ICU posing for Mariann…

cimg0071-urine-the-hosp-600.jpg A sure sign unine the hospital! The thing is I had not been allowed to drink. This is all from the IV’s they kept filling me up with. Since I was all wired up, I was not allowed or able to get up. I had to carefully roll on my side and “void” as the nurse put it. Once, I was not able to roll over so I has to work it on my back. The nurse gave me some pointers and it actually worked!

cimg0073-icu-self-port-600.jpg A self-portrait from the ICU bed…

cimg0074-angiogram-patch-600.jpg This is where they inserted the thingy for the angiogram that went up from my groin to my heart and then let loose with some dye

cimg0077-et-phone-home-600.jpg I thought the light on the end of my finger was like ET’s finger… Yarbz Phone Home!

cimg0080-going-for-a-ride-600.jpg This was when the tattooed orderly and his buddy (behind me) were pulling me through the halls when leaving ICU for the cardiology department on the 4th floor where I was to spend the rest of my time in the hospital.

cimg0085-joe-visits-12-23-600.jpg Feste visits and I look a little worse for the wear.

cimg0091-self-port-600.jpg Another self-portrait.

cimg0093-french-toast-600.jpg Yummy breakfast in the cardiololgy department.

cimg0105-view-in-rain-600.jpg A shot from my 4th floor window at the Hospital of Central Connecticut (previously New Britain General Hospital).

cimg0106-my-area-600.jpg A view of my area. I didn’t have a roommate until the last day. My roommate was a loud kinda guy who was about 75 and weighed 120 pounds. He complained a lot and had permanent diarrhea…

cimg0108-pain-iv-600.jpg This is my last IV and it was to cause a lot of pain later when being removed.

cimg0126-my-butt-hole-600.jpg This is the canyon in the bed caused by sitting up for hours talking with visitors. The mattresses are all covered with plastic so it is hard not to sweat.

cimg0137-view-from-head-600.jpg Another view from my head.

cimg0139-my-blood-600.jpg Here is my blood which is just a small little bit of the amount of blood that was taken over the four days I was there.

cimg0143-nure-next-door-600.jpg Here is a nurse talking to diarrhea man next door.

cimg0148-ivana-sign-600.jpg This is Ivana updating the board with her name and date. I drew the red stuff.

cimg0149-xmas-eve-sign-600.jpg A close up of the sign…

cimg0159-xmas-eve-santa-600.jpg Santa brought me, and everyone else it seems, a poinsetta on Christmas Eve. I left it for the next patient.

cimg0172-hall-self-port-600.jpg A self-portrait taken while walking around the hospital cardiology ward…

cimg0190-self-port-xmas-eve-600.jpg Even yet still another self-portrait…

cimg0194-nurse-hall-600.jpg A nurse works in the long, dark hall in cardiology while the mostly geriatric patients sleep.

cimg0197-iv-removal-600.jpg Ivana works at removing my IV about an hour before my discharge. It hurt the worst. More than anything that was performed for me, on me or to me…

cimg0199-hair-tape-600.jpg Can you say OUCH!!!! Or even [CENSORED]!!!

cimg0200-iv-removal-600.jpg A close up of the removal…

December 26, 2006

Since it’s been a little slow lately….


Here’s a few samplings of “idiots” to make you shake your head and wonder…”WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY THINKING?”

Case #1: Even though I am not a fan of drunk driving…I had to chuckle at this story of a man downing his “40 oz” in front of the cops after being pulled over for drunk driving.

It reminds a little of the FUNNIEST “COPS” scene I have ever seen. Cops show up at a house to bust a guy and when they get to the front door they look in and see him loading up a big water bong. They knock and announce themselves…he looks at them through the screen door…smiles….and lights….inhales deeply and clears the bong while raising his hands over his head. Even the cops laughed : )

Case #2: Here’s a guy that they SHOULDN’T have put out. By “put out” I mean he was on fire. Set intentionally…by his own self!!! WHY? WHY? WHY? Well to protest a school system changing the names of winter and spring break to christmas and easter break! LMAO And they’ll let ANYONE reproduce! I’m an atheist…I could give a rat’s ass if they call it celebration of the purple dingleberries break. In fact…I help decorate my daughter’s school and tree for christmas every year and have yet to suffer any side effects from it. Tolerence really is a TWO WAY STREET!Come on folks…pick your battles. Some things ARE worth dying for…this isn’t one of them…not even close!

Hope everyone had a safe and Merry Christmas! I’m drinking a good beer for you Yarbz…GET WELL SOON!!!! Semper Fi Mac!!!!

Those the world lost in 2006


The latest of whom is James Brown, Godfather of Soul , early Christmas Morn.
Others of note:
Shelley Winters, January 14
Wilson Pickett, January 19
Coretta Scott King, January 30
Don Knotts, February 24
Buck Owens, March 25
Billy Preston, June 6
Mike Douglas, August 11
Jack Palance, November 10

These are just a few…the music world took one hell of a blow this year.

December 24, 2006



December 22, 2006

Ok, I’m a bit wired this evening


Well, maybe not really “wired”, just consuming beverages.
A toast to our Bloglord!
In the mean time:
It’s Christmas! Have a little more bat meat!

The rumors of the Bloglord’s death are premature


However, last night, he did suffer a mild heart attack. I spoke with him this afternoon at the hospital and he is in good spirits and will be resting. It is likely he will be discharged soon, but they are still prodding him and observing his incessant documentation of his entire hospital stay. He promises pictures!

I understand Feste was by to see him as well. Talking to the Bloglord and knowing that he is in good care made me feel much better.

Please send warm and happy and healing thoughts his way.


I thought I’d fill in for FB this week, but I’m sure I won’t do it the justice that FB does.

Something strange happened in Iowa last week.

Pagan Claus is where it all started. Happy Holidays.

I don’t know how accurate this list is, but I LOVED jarts.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called President Bush “the most hated person” in the world on Thursday and then got sent a very clear message.

A grandma almost won the FOTW award for this little stunt.

I hope your kids end up with a lot of money. They’re gonna need it.

I wanna have Christmas dinner at this house

The 25 most important questions in the history of the universe. Well, maybe not, but interesting stuff anyways.

The best Notice of Appeal ever. Here’s the second best.

This is what happens when you have Coke, Mentos and way too much free time.

FOTW was a tough one this week. So very many choices. But my pick of the week goes to this guy.

Here’s a bit of John Butler for your enjoyment.

Merry Christmas to all.

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