June 24, 2013

Black Sabbath 13

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The band’s latest album gives them their first ever US #1 They were #1 in the UK as well, but achieved that height 28 years ago as well. The album sounds just like old Sabbath, only better. I smiled several times and head-banged to several of the songs. Probably looks funny to see an old guy like me, driving an old police car and head-banging to new Sabbath, but so what? The second track, “God is Dead?”, is an eight minute wonder and has not left my head since I first heard it.

January 7, 2009


This beer is very good. It’s matured in used casks from Highland Park 12 Year Old. This is dark but not sweet and super nice. I suggest to you that it is certainly worth a try. I actually enjoyed the 18 Year Old better but it costs $14 for a 12 ounce bottle. The 12 is only about $8! Of course, you have to appreciate anyone who is a ‘Master of Wood”…

We had a New Years Eve snow storm and this was taken as I was heading back home from the local liquor store. We ended up with about 8 inches of snow.

I pulled out all my Frank Sinatra vinyl that I have been buying from thrift stores and garage sales and got rid of any duplicates, combining the best cover and vinyl. I digitized about five and have many more to do. Some of the old Frank form the 1950’s and 1960’s sounds super nice on vinyl, more open and warm than any CD copy. Good stuff…

December 30, 2008


FYI TO ALL JUGGHEADS: I have requested a copy of the old program that ran the ‘Old Jugg’ site. If this works, we may have full access to the old blog dating back to September 2003 which should include comments and ‘more’ sections. I will need help once I get the program so volunteers are needed. I know Trench is smart enough but I think he is very busy. Feste knows somebody who may be able to help. I will have to host the old site separately so we’ll have to see how it goes. I would really like to have to old stuff up again as there were some classic posts with pics and stories that should not be lost to history.

Stay tuned

November 29, 2008


When I clean an album, I mean the following:

1) Vacuum clean the vinyl with two different solutions and a vacuum rinse with distilled water
2) Give it a new anti-static inner sleeve
3) Use compressed air on the inside of the album cover to clear out the dust/grit
4) Use cheap vodka (Smirnoff or similar) to wipe the surfaces of the cover and inside gatefold (if any). Vodka dries quickly and down not harm the surface. Rubbing alcohol is too aggresive
5) Put newly cleaned album in 4 mil poly sleeve and file with the original inner sleeve if the inner sleeve is has album or label infomation…

These albums were bought at tag sales (‘garage sales’ for you non-New Englanders) or thrift shops…

Here’s some images of some of the albums done this weekend:

This was funn because I cleaned this one which is traditional music from the Middle East while I was cleaning my AR-15… I thought it was a funny coincidence…

This one was not authentic Spanish style guitar… It was kinda weird pop with full instrumentation and some Spanish guitar stylings thrown in.

1967. This was a great album of upbeat music that somebody thought would be good to listen to while you hug panty girls apparently. I’m all for it myself… All the music was interesting and similar to 1960’s beach movie interpretations of rock beat…

Here’s a little de’tail’ shot from Valley of the Dolls…

Talk about poupees… See previous image…

This is a nice version of Peter and the Wolf. I have always liked Peter Ustinov.

Here is Peter in Hartford…

This was a very fun and bouncy spaceage pop albums. Great heavy handed stereo production as are most of the spaceage pop recordings. When the first stereo recording began coming out, they were not sure how to use it and since it was a new toy they insisted on mixing extreme stereo with lots of panning sounds…

October 31, 2008



I am sitting here in the basement bar waiting for the little bastards to get the hell out of the neighborhood… We don’t have children in this neighborhood so we get imports. Moms and dads bring them in the car and they collect their sugary, dentist employing loot. If we had kids living close to us Halloween might be fun. However, tonight, I have all the lights off and hope to avoid any contact with the little candy grabbing rodents. Stay in your own neighborhoods!

Maybe it’s just that I gave up on Halloween back in 1967 when I won first place in a costume contest. The town was San Clemente, California and I was seven years old. I dressed as a Marine. I had all the official equipment and my dad’s old fatigues which my mother painstakingly cut down and tailored them to my seven year old frame. After that victory anything else would be a step down so I guess I just quit while I was on top. I wish some of these athletes would do the same instead of continuing until they’re eligible for AARP.

Anyway, I have the music cranked up real loud down here and it’s great. If someone does knock I won’t know it. Right now (2048hrs) I am listening to XTC “Black Sea” from 1980. The album did not age badly at all and sounds fresh and vibrant. It’s quite surprising as most of the music from 1980 blows chunks and sounds dated. “Optimisms Flame” is playing right now and it really brings me back to those days. I was twenty when this came out. Damn! 20. Now I sit in my own home listening to my old but pristine copy of Black Sea and it just doesn’t seem all that long ago. Sure, it’s been twenty eight, almost twenty nine years, but I don’t feel mentally old… I hope that continues. Feste was over here last week and he brought some old XTC vinyl and it got me syked up to break out and fire up my XTC.

The song just changed and now I am listening to “Sergeant Rock” on side two. Yet another great song on this highly-praised slab of vinyl. If you all don’t know much about XTC, “Black Sea” would be a great record to introduce yourself to this unique band from one of the most interesting music eras in the last 30 or 40 years. If interested let me know and I could burn you a copy right off my vinyl. I‘m sure XTC would rather have you hear it for free that not hear it at all… If that makes any sense… Plus, from vinyl, it’ll sound better than the factory CD.

Tomorrow M and I are heading to a friends house to celebrate five couples anniversaries which all happen within four or five weeks of each other. It’s not going to be some lame Champaign bull; it’s an Oktoberfest (in November) which should be a lot of fun. It’ll be a break on the old diet but I’ll muddle through. That is about all for now because my cat Satchmo is head-butting me in the arm trying to get some attention (read: cat treats). I will probably give him one or two after he vacuums the basement and waxes my car… I wish.

October 19, 2008


It was a tough night and I woke up wishing I went to bed earlier. Anyway, Mariann wanted to go to breakfast and so did I. I was in need of food… The Miss Washington diner is an old classic style diner in downtown New Britain. It’s a little run down but they make great food. This waffle was very good. Mariann and I split it and of course I got the bigger half…

I like my eggs with corned beef hash. The eggs are always over medium. The diner always gets the eggs right. The hash is great too.

The mirror was beige and quite ugly. We can’t buy a new mirror at the moment so we decided to paint it blue. Now it’s blue and ugly. Eventually we’ll end up with some mirror from India surrounded by carved dark wood. We’ll find one in the spring most likely… The room that this is in is the unfinished part of the basement. I keep my vinyl collection in there. I cleaned and played several records while we worked around the house.

October 16, 2008


CATAGORIES: VINYL — Yarbz @ 5:47 pm

I would like to find them but there is no last name and I have no idea where I got it… This is from 1974. The pics are the front, center and close up of the never ending mom supposedly. I wonder if she is deadd, divorced or living happily as a grand mother somewhere:

October 7, 2008


Yesterday was a nice cool and breezy fall day. It was in the upper 50’s most of the time. There is nothing better than sitting outside in crisp fall weather holding a liter of Oktoberfest microbrew. We had all the windows open in our walkout basement and the afternoon air flowed through the room. These pics are from that day, yesterday, which was very relaxing and enjoyable. We had to kill the beer so I would not drink it later! Now there is no beer in the house and won’t be for some time…

These are un-cropped full frame images. Most were taken in 16×9 mode but a few are in 3:2.

We watched Logan’s Run last night again on our 50″ Panasonic plasma. This was taken in the aperture priority setting. “Jessica”, played by Jenny Agutter is too hot. I have always liked her and had a crush on her when the film came out in 1976.

This is the digitizing of Pink Floyd’s Saucerful of Secrets (as I think of it, this may not be that album but it doesn’t really metter…). I picked up a German pressing import for a buck at a tag sale in Winsted Connecticut. At the same tag sale, I got several Velvet Underground albums, Pink Floyd Ummagumma, Miles Davis on an original Blue Note pressing, two Yardbirds albums and many others. It was a great find. All the vinyl is super clean too which is not always the case at tag sales.

A shot of the stereo in the basement. You can’t see it, but there are a lot of heavy sound waves flowing in that room!

This is Mariann in our backyard wearing a sweater I bought her for her birthday in June. This was the first opportunity for her to wear it. It’s a hand woven wool thingy from Peru I think. If not Peru, some place similar…

My boot, my beer and my pool. The pool is not swim-able anymore due to the fact that the water it 55 degrees. We may add a heater next year and will be able to use the pool all of May and thru October… We shall see if funds permit.

Mariann with a liter of Oktoberfest from the Pump House in Albany, NY. It was a terrific beer and it will be a must day trip when Florida Bill or any other Jugghead visits. It’s only about two hours away and it’s a beautiful drive in the hills to get there.

Here is the beer. It’s a big beer. This time, it’s an India Pale Ale from the Pump House. The IPA was as good as I have ever had. I didn’t take a photo of the growlers but they are photo worthy too.

A close up of Mariann’s beer with her sweater as we sit beside the pool in the chilly fall Monday afternoon. I had taken it off because of our anniversary. I am working today but today is the actual anniversary. 13 years.

This was taken my Mariann and is a very rare photo of Yarbz. It is backlit but is passable because of the rare subject matter.

This is Satchmo sitting at the bar. He digs sitting at the bar as he occasionally gets treats there, just like the humans.

September 4, 2008


Twice As Many Murdered In Chicago Than Died In Iraq This Summer